Love Your Fabrics…

Today’s topic is least favorite color. Huh. All colors are useful, even baby mustard-poop yellow-green. I don’t like red and yellow together, but they’re still useful…together and apart. Now WEARING colors, I won’t wear yellow or pink or orange, but I use those all the time in quilts. I don’t wear red…well, I wear dark red and burgundy and claret and other wine colors. But in my quilts? Holy crap, every color goes…they all have a purpose. I’m making pictures.

Now are there colors I don’t use as much? Depends on what the imagery is in the quilt. This current one is chock full of blues and purples in the sky and browns and greens in the earth. The flesh tones are a little brighter than what I normally do…there’s some orange and blue mixed in the pinky flesh tones. Yes, this one is pink. They aren’t all pink. This quilt doesn’t have much yellow in it, because there’s a moon instead of a sun, but it does have some.

Yeah. Color is necessary. All of it. The muddies, the brights, the dulls, the sparklies even at times, where they belong (I used sequins in one quilt and satin in another).

Look. Here’s the fabrics that are in the current quilt so far (I’m not done picking them yet)…

I think they’re all there. More to come tonight…

This was last night, ironing down the fleshy bits, which went on until well after midnight.

What I do for fun on a Saturday night hasn’t changed much…

This is the back side, but you can see that’s some pretty bright flesh.

Anyway, enough with most favorite and least favorite. Love your fabrics. Make them work for you.

One thought on “Love Your Fabrics…

  1. I would have a hard time choosing favorite and least favorite colors too. There are some I am going to be more drawn to at the store, but when I get home, I realize I forgot the supporting players.


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