I Am Superman and I Know What’s Happening*

Starting the morning out with a rousing rendition of I Am Superman by R.E.M. Music makes it better. I am tired. This is nothing new. My brain is having a hard time shutting down at night. I wish I could remember to meditate when that happens. I need an alarm that realizes I’m stressed and tells me to meditate. This is how smart my phone needs to be. Does Pandora realize I’m not awake and need rousing music? It must, because now it’s Boston with More Than a Feeling, which does want to persuade you to be awake. Unfortunately, my brain is not looking forward to state math testing today. Math is hard for all of us…I was doing a lot of it in tutoring yesterday. I have to talk myself through some math problems. And the math teacher in there wasn’t really helping. I did know how to explain probability though. So that was useful.

I then kamikazed to the post office, but the stupid machine was so slow that I didn’t finish before they closed. I was able to send one envelope, but not the package, so somehow I need to go back today…and with another envelope, because I realized at 10 PM that one of the art entries for this week actually needs to be mailed.

I got right on the bike when I got home because my library book is due and they’ll take it back if I don’t finish. So I finished. It was good. Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho…

I’ll definitely read the next one…when I have time. Right now, I’m trying to read the book club book, because that’s next week. And then we’re going to be teaching two books in science next year…somehow. So I need to read one of them and the kid version of the other one. There’s a whole series. So there’s that. I like to read, so this is not problematic, except when trying to find the time.

Then I graded stuff for a long time. And finished awards. And then graded some more. I’m tired of it. Really. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter.

So yeah, that art entry popped up when I came in here to quilt. I finished it and quilted for a while, over an hour. I finished the outlining and started the background. I didn’t get super far, but it won’t take long to finish.

I have a union meeting tonight, so hopefully that won’t go super long and I’ll have time tonight…although I’m in charge of dinner too. Sigh. I want this thing done. I was hoping I’d be done by the weekend so I could drive it to the photographer on a day when I don’t have a meeting. Because next week is also ugly. Then I might get some of my time back. Maybe. Well, there’s about an hour of quilting left…so that’s my goal after dinner tonight.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide on the next one…it’ll be one of these four…either one of these two…

or one of these two…

I’m going to let my Patreon people decide. I need to finish that video. I might be able to do that tonight. Uh huh. (By finish the video, I mean process the whole thing. It exists. That is all.) OK, off to school and math testing. It will all be fine. I think the boychild is going to the post office for me. I don’t see how I can get there in time. Deep breaths. I tell my students to ask for help, but then I forget how to do it myself. It’s just easier to do it all myself. It’s not really, but I tell myself that. It is not escaping my attention that I have a quilt called I Can’t Be Your Superwoman.

*R.E.M., I Am Superman

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