Felt It in My Youth, Feel It When I’m Old*

Blessed peace, back to the ironing. This piece is not an easy beast to put together, with all 5 figures intertwining and overlapping…but the challenge is something I enjoy. Although I never think about that when I draw it…I just draw it. And then I realize the crazy I’ve created as I put it together.

So basically, I walked in the door at 7 PM and dinner was almost ready. I ate, stitched a bit on a binding that may never get done, and then headed in here for almost 3 hours of ironing. It was delightful.

I started with the details on Figure 2’s face…

Which I didn’t have the time to do the other night…it included ironing the eye before putting it on the face…

This is a little disturbing to look at. Then face completed. This figure has a bird, a nest, a tree, and a vine attached to her, so those were next…

Those went pretty quickly…

And then I needed to decide what to do about the arm dissection there…it’s the arm of Figure 3, which I’m working on next anyway. Although it goes around the corner and some of the pieces do too, so that makes this complicated…but honestly, it’s going to be complicated no matter what I do. So I went for it…

On the right, the pieces are flopping around, not fully ironed down. Then I set that teflon sheet aside (yes, I have multiples of these things)…and turned the entire drawing 90 degrees to get to the right side…and ironed the other hand for Figure 3.

Plus a syringe. Like you do.

I started ironing the torso for Figure 3 and then the arm…

Then added the torso and legs for Figure 1 (they’d been sitting in a box, waiting to be reconnected to the upper torso and head), and connected Figure 3’s arm around the corner.

You can see this thing is getting a bit large and out of control at the moment…although the center section is mostly connected, with all the heads and hair overlapping parts of mouths, plus arms wrapping around the whole thing.

So here she is so far…the bottom part of Figure 2 is in a box waiting for the arm of Figure 5 to connect it back into the image.

Figure 3 needs a head…which will underlap (that is so not a word) the head of Figure 2. But at some point, I either need another large teflon sheet (don’t have one) or I need to detach everything so far and move it…which I did last night anyway with the stuff on the other sheet.

Tonight? Well, I have a meeting, but I had one last night too. So I’m hoping to get the head of Figure 3 done…keep it moving. I’ve given up on my deadline, which is fine…too much other stuff to do. I have a Women’s March Saturday, I need to make a slide presentation for my quilt guild and then give a talk Monday night. Next week is a clusterfuck of meetings. There aren’t enough hours. There never are. But I’m loving this quilt. So it will be done. In time for something.

*Twenty-One Pilots, Jumpsuit

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