Sinking Is All I Had Planned*

Oh my, the internet is so slow here at the moment. Last night, I tried uploading photos to an art entry site and it took three tries, because it was slow as molasses and then would freeze, and if you saved a draft and came back to it, all the photos you’d already uploaded were gone. Then the third try, I came in after dinner, and it went super speedy. Right now, it’s taking 6 minutes to download a photo. Just one. Or 2 minutes, because it just revised the estimate, and now it’s not even trying. Nope. It froze. Network error. I suspect there’s a bunch of restarting technology in my (or the boychild’s) future. I have two more entries to do tonight. Or tomorrow. Not sure. I currently have 7 pieces out in exhibits and another 6 ready to go. So it makes sense to enter another 5 or 6 shows. I’m surprised I have enough work to pull it off…it’s because some of them don’t care about dates, I think. Anyway…it gets the work out there and seen, which is what I like.

I finished inking the long skinny woman last night.

IMG_7088 small

It didn’t need a lot. It didn’t take long. This quilt took me 85 hours to make. The big one that’s also going to the photographer tomorrow? It took 160 hours. In two months. And when I look back at how long each task took, it shouldn’t have taken two months…I was not very efficient in July.

So the acceptances and rejections will trickle in over the next two months…I actually have a couple I already entered that I’m waiting on. Rejections are part of the process. I just enter it somewhere else. No biggie. It’s nice to get in though.

I got my diabetes numbers yesterday from the doctor. I’ll have to go back and have them suck more blood in another 6 weeks. Fun stuff. But I have a reprieve from setting goals with the educator (the same goals I already set with myself). I told her I couldn’t figure out what was affecting the blood sugar…it’s true! I woke up this morning with the lowest number in ages, but I was drinking ginger ale last night because my stomach was a mess. Honestly, when those ads say you’ll lose weight? It’s because you’re vomitous all the time. Sometimes it feels like there’s aliens in my intestines. There. I can draw that along with being on fire from menopausal hot flashes. Fun stuff. But I don’t know what’s affecting it right now. It seems completely random. Maybe throw that at the educators.

I meant to draw last night, but I was just too damn tired. It’s OK. It happens. I didn’t get home until 6:15 or so because I had to go to the dentist. It’s not surprising I didn’t get much done. Tonight I iron the two quilts and dehair them and roll them up for the photographer. Hopefully after I do that and enter another show [one a night…like an apple a day, makes Kathy healthy, wealthy (ha!), and wise (eh)], I’ll be able to draw. I wish I could just grab one of the smaller drawings that’s already numbered and ready to go, and make that instead, but I have deadlines. Can’t ignore them. Not much time. Art brain is a beast when it comes to deadlines.

*Aimee Mann, Humpty Dumpty

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