Giant Steps Are What You Take*

OK, so you know how Pinterest sends you all these emails about what you might be interested in because of stuff you’ve pinned? And it used to always be the same stuff you’d already pinned, which I thought was idiotic, but now sometimes it’s useful (like especially school stuff), so I roll through them every once in a while. But I have no idea what I looked at or pinned that is now giving me boards about medical school. Seriously. I did nothing. It’s not me. And then I’m always looking for fonts for bullet journals, since I am still using the calendar journal thing and I like trying to draw new fonts…but today? Today it gave me a board for Bullets. You know. The things in guns. But like home decor projects with bullets. I don’t think you can see me roll my eyes that hard. Pinterest fail.

So I dye my hair like I dye my fabric…sorta haphazardly. I know for a fact that the amazing woman who cuts my hair would do a much better job, but this is just a semi-permanent color and I’m not worried too much by it being an amazing dye job. It needs to wash out by the time school starts, or close to it.

IMG_5798 small

Matches my shirt.

After that, I trimmed the two quilts (basically, I woke up after my mid-afternoon space-out)…this one was a bit of a pain because it wasn’t exactly square in the first place. But it’s not that crucial.

IMG_5806 small

And then this one was a pain because it had to be an exact size, which is really hard for me. I never hear anyone else complain about it, so it must just be me. I like a range…because I’m convinced I’m gonna fuck it up and it will be like 3 inches too short.

IMG_5807 small

Plus on the long skinny ones, where I don’t leave a lot of room for error, it’s even harder to be even and straight and exact. I don’t do exact well. But after 17 different trimmings, it’s pretty good.

Then I cooked and ate and started this thing. One of the women in California Fibers, Brecia Kralovic-Logan, created a project called Women’s Woven Voices. You can read about it here. Basically, a lot of women weave these strips and tell their story and then they are woven together…

IMG_5808 small

Brecia adds red fringe to 3 out of 4 of the strips to represent the women who have been affected by sexual abuse of some kind. Scary numbers. So I stole my basket of yarn back from the boychild and started weaving.

IMG_5809 small

I was raised by a weaver and used to do this stuff on and off…it took a while to get used to the straws, but I got the hang of it. My meeting is a week from Sunday, so I think I’ll be done. I have to go through my stash for things to sew to it too. We’ll see what that looks like. Since it’s supposed to be the story of my life, I’ve been trying to think as I weave, as I choose colors and patterns, what that would look like. I don’t work in a grid like this in my head…hence why I spun off into art quilts instead of tapestry weaving. Anyway. She’s still taking entries, I believe.

After doing that, and watching the last episode of The Handmaid’s Tale (well, until next season), I headed in to cut binding out…and sleeves.

IMG_5810 small

I got the binding machine-stitched down on this one…

IMG_5811 small

It was around 11:30 PM by then…so I went in and sat with the dog and the man to pin the binding down for the hand-stitching part. The dog is asleep down at the other end of the couch.

IMG_5812 small

She follows me all over the house to sleep…although right now, she’s in the entryway (cooler floor than in here).

I didn’t get through all of my list for yesterday. I’m gonna work on some of it today. And then tonight, we are celebrating the man’s birthday, which was last week…so that should be interesting. I hope it’s interesting at least.

Happy pride to all…I don’t own anything with rainbows on it, unfortunately. But I love y’all anyway.

OK. Gotta get something done…like those little quilts…also due next Sunday.

*The Police, Walking on the Moon

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