Taking Me Where I Want to Be*

Whomp! Upside the head with a Friday. Hey. It’s Friday. This is a good thing. I feel like I’ve been run over by a semi, but otherwise, it’s a good thing. Thursday, ah Thursday, you were a kick in the head. It’s OK…all my extra irritation by the end of a long day? I used it to clean a floor and pinbaste a quilt. I didn’t get as far as I wanted, but that’s life. It sees your plans and then fucks with them.

I didn’t make it to quilt class. I didn’t come right home and pinbaste a quilt. I drove to a hospital twice and tried to avoid a fatality crash on one of our major freeways (I did actually manage to miss this) and ate dinner around 10:15 PM, which was cold pizza because my delivery guy had to be about 70 years old and he was very slow moving (I’m not saying all 70-year-olds are slow-moving and would cause cold pizza, but this guy was and did) and peed some dogs and ran them around for about 10 minutes before leaving again. It’s all good. Today everything will be better, right? At some point, I think that’s true. I’m waiting to hear all the good news.

So before the pizza finally showed up and after I made it home for the second time, I cleaned my entryway floor, so I’d have somewhere to lay the quilt out for pinbasting. Then after pizza, I sewed the backing together…I’ll have to remember to take a picture of that….because it’s big fishes for half of it and Monet florals for the other half. I had two big pieces of fabric. I used them. I don’t freakin’ care what the back looks like.

Laid out on the entryway floor…this is around 11 PM. This quilt isn’t actually that big. I think it’s 44″ x 52″? Something like that.

IMG_4337 small

Wow. The lightbulbs in there really need replacing…

IMG_4338 small

There will be no light in your photos. I’m really looking forward to the quilting part, where the details will start to pop.

IMG_4339 small

I did buy the quilting thread already. I was supposed to quilt last night. I didn’t. It was after 11:30 when I finished pinning. I went to bed soon after, basically after I finished a glass of wine. Just one. So tired.

Sweet Calli…the dogs were very patient with me last night, mostly with my not being there and when I was there, not really being there. They know how to get attention. But yeah, I have deadlines right now.

IMG_4336 small

And I’m trying to balance it all. But sometimes shit happens and people you love need stuff, so you deal with it. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t make this deadline. The quilt will still get done and put in a show somewhere…just not this one.

*Depeche Mode, Never Let Me Down Again

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