But I Won’t Stop and Falter*

Sleep is still apparently optional, although I think I did pretty well between 3 AM and 6 AM. One kid is apparently on his way back to school, weather permitting. At the moment, his flight is not cancelled. We’ll see if he gets stranded in Philly.

He accidentally left this on my drawing…

IMG_0889 small

His sister came back for them. This is his last semester of college. Time flies. I hope he enjoyed it. The dogs are gonna be devastated by his leaving.

I only got two letters done last night. We did dinner and the watching of Stranger Things (I’m only allowed one episode a night…sigh)…and then we had to do a family FaceTime about chargers and voltage converters and adapters and unlocked phones and how to unlock phones and what unlocking a phone means and holy crap, it was more than a little annoying, but whatever. The girlchild is a big jump closer to leaving.

IMG_0890 small

I finally got up off the couch and attempted to be an artist. It’s been tough the last few weeks. Too much other stuff to deal with and juggle. Too much stress too. But this was easy. I had already cut out the binding from the stash…some baby quilt borders from a million years ago. Might have been one of the first baby quilts I ever made. Pretty sure that kid is in middle or high school by now.

IMG_0891 small

I’m going to do a lot of hand embroidery on this piece. It’s just for fun. It’s really old, like older than things posted on my blog, I think. I just freeform cut fused pieces and plopped them down. I wanna guess early 2000s? Anyway, it will be good to work on during that one episode a night thing, now that I’m done with the stitch a day thing. Although I need to do something with that too.

So this never happens. That’s the sleeve on the top and the binding on the bottom…and they magically lined up. The pattern. No way. I did not plan that.

IMG_0893 small

So I need to hand stitch the binding and do a ton of embroidery.

IMG_0894 small

She’s interesting enough. I’m planning to have some fun with her. Stitching is relaxing.

I still have one more binding to put on and then the stitch down on the other piece. Neither is time-consuming or hard. That’s probably a good thing right now.

*Howard Jones, Things Can Only Get Better


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