Worry About the Rest of It Tomorrow

Happy holidays y’all…I’m personally looking forward to a couple of quiet hours this afternoon with nothing to do but read or sew whatever I want…as I am not in charge of dinner and have already made the desserts for tonight, although they are Pinterest fails (best kind!). I think everyone is leaving soon except for the cats, at least for a few hours. I did all the food shopping and most of the present shopping, so I deserve some moments…someone else can Google how to cook a leg of lamb.

The animals are getting lots of love from everyone being home…

IMG_0125 small

I stitched down bindings for about 3 hours on Saturday…with Satchemo as my trusty sidekick…

IMG_0139 small

I didn’t put much on the tree this year…its branches are still a bit wispy…

IMG_0142 small

So I made two desserts off of Pinterest, one from the girlchild and one other. This will taste fine, I think (I don’t eat chocolate), but that ganache decoration was a rancid pain in the ass, didn’t stick well (cutting these was fun), and kept bursting through the bag. It’s edible though.

IMG_0144 small

These lemon cheesecake cookies are supposed to be flat. They’re tasty though. Room temperature probably means when the heat is on (for the butter). Although we are in Southern California, not Boston…

IMG_0151 small

I finished the binding and sleeves on Christmas Eve, just before the first of three gatherings. I still need to ink the quilt (doing that this afternoon), but she’s going to the photographer tomorrow. Finis!

IMG_0159 small

First gathering included an art event. Put the plate on your head and attempt to draw a Christmas tree without looking. Girlchild won.

IMG_0167 small

Impressive. Calli is also enjoying more people (=more pets).

IMG_0209 small

I caught up last night, two night’s worth on the left side, still filling in black spots.

IMG_0216 small

Girlchild spent some time this morning with the pups again…

IMG_0228 small

My dad showed up to Christmas morning in shorts.

IMG_0232 small

More dog attention. Seriously, they got the best of it. We ate and opened presents, had a brief conversation with my brother (there was drama)…

IMG_0239 small

Calli got a new ball. She’s happy.

IMG_0242 small

Simba, Grandma, and the boychild…trying to figure out a phone, I think.

IMG_0249 small

Notice very little stitching. Yet. I have 4 hours before I need to be anywhere! And I’m done cooking! I have a book due back to the library tomorrow, about an hour of inking to do on the quilt, and a wide variety of stitching things I could work on while watching television with no apparent goals! That might be the best gift of all. I’ll worry about the rest of it tomorrow. Hope the rest of you do the same.

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