No Wonder My Head Spins

Well. We survived the first full week of school. It felt somewhat marathon-like, but it’s done. And I woke up this morning (eventually) and immediately created a to-do list in my head the size of a blue whale. There is No Way in Hell I can possibly get all this shit done, but it’s there.

First, figure out who’s paying for the girlchild’s college this month. There’s three of us, so it takes some coordination…mostly my telling people what to send me and then my remembering to pay (sometimes an issue). (I did this.)

Second, try to change a bunch of my email addresses on sites, because I’m trying to migrate onto gmail from the other stupid account that has had major storage issues. This is a pain in the ass. But it has to be done. A little at a time maybe. (I did some of this…I may never be done doing this.)

Third, and this should not be happening right now, but that is how my brain works…set up a Patreon account. I’ve had a couple people suggest it…I can offer video and drawings as incentives, maybe small quilts for a higher support level. Video can be more complicated explanations of how I do stuff or talking about a specific piece or I don’t know. I want to fund a coloring book and, honestly, be able to buy fabric and batting and thread without wondering if that was my food budget for the month. Even when the kids finish college, there are loans that we have to figure out how to pay, so I won’t be out of the college hole for years. I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck for so long, it’s exhausting. The worry alone…anyway, when I get it launched, I’ll let you know. There will be some very cheap pledge options. We’ll see how it goes.

Fourth, my fridge calendar needs updating. I need to see 5-6 weeks out to get my head around certain deadlines. It seems I am always working to deadlines. (I did this.)

Fifth, the girlchild has been texting, Snapchatting, attempting Facetime (apparently Target has shitty cellular coverage), and calling, as she gets close to starting her third year (I had typed first…it’s not her first year…it’s her third. Holy crap.). (This may continue all year.)

I should walk the dogs at some point, but the middle of the day is not my favorite time for walking. I need to trace some Wonder Under, clean the bathroom, go grocery shopping because tomorrow is a mess, make some decisions about school for next week, cut down the ivy that’s growing up the side of the house, take out some recycling, clean up the entryway, shower! (that’s probably important), and clean off the table. Just to start. At least. Fill the trash can with what little is left after all summer of cleaning. Deliver the last two or three bags to the thrift shop people. Wash the bedding! Almost forgot about that. Hang on a second. No. I want to shower first and you can’t do laundry AND shower in my house at the same time. Well. You can, but you won’t like it. Set up gradesheets, input the first few assignments, put names on the last class of photos, and grade two classes of homework. Oh my. See? It’s crazy. Most of that really does need to happen this weekend at some point. (I have done none of this.)

No wonder my head spins.

A lot of times, I just walk away from all the work and house stuff and head for the art pile. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

So last night, though, I spent time petting dogs…

IMG_7522 small

They were very needy. But not nearly as needy as they were at 12:30 AM, because then I went out to watch my favorite 80s cover band…preach! Actually, before that, I finished a book, because it’s on digital loan from the library and the book is good and the loan ends Sunday, so if I didn’t finish it, I would have to try to get it again and I didn’t want to do that, so I sat there and read until I was done. Trying not to fall asleep. I did all that before I went out.

IMG_7543 small

And I got home really late and went to bed and tried to sleep in with 4 animals making all their noises and requests for attention (some more polite than others). I’m sorta awake today. I took a sketchbook with me last night, because I never know when I’ll be sitting along and bored, but that didn’t happen, so no art. No art Friday. It happens. I need to do art today to make up for it then, right? RIGHT. So get outta here and do some shit.

One thought on “No Wonder My Head Spins

  1. Her first year what? Working at Target (is that why their connectivity matters)?

    I saw another blogger considering Patreon, but being very hesitant because of the fee structure (and percentages?). I do listen to a podcast (You Are Not So Smart) that does use Patreon and is hoping to hire an assistant/correspondent. Good luck with getting some more income!


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