Ironing in My Spare Time…

Interesting weekend. Surely was. I think I have 14 minutes to write this post. Already been to the dentist…sigh. This is what happens to the end of summer. Errands and appointments and meetings.

Anyway, so Saturday morning/afternoon, I worked on the other leg…

IMG_6750 small

There’s a plane in there that will show up better with stitching and a dark background.

IMG_6751 small

The lowest land bit goes behind one leg and in front of another. You wanna know why? It was not planned. I had already drawn one leg all the way down and I liked it. The other one wasn’t done, so the land went in front of it.

IMG_6752 small

Why do I have land at all? Well this quilt is for a show where there’s no nudity allowed, so my land bits solve that problem. But I didn’t just want two, because I don’t like even numbers for shit like that. So land…in three parts.

This is how far I got Saturday before I had to leave for the afternoon’s shenanigans…

IMG_6753 small

Polar bears…very tiny polar bears.

IMG_6754 small

Snagged a Groupon for a 90-minute cruise on this boat, wine and snacks.

IMG_6757 smal

It was nice…mostly cloudy actually, with people who were good at talking, although I have to say, I don’t know how people afford to travel as much as some people do. I can’t afford it. All their trips sounded awesome (except I don’t want to do cruises)…

IMG_6766 small

Wildlife of course…

IMG_6770 small

Then we headed over to Arts & Amps, at the Karl Strauss tasting room over near Pacific Beach. We’ve been here before…we enjoy the mix of music and art. Cohort Collective are a local art group that has a lot of muralists in it…but today they also had Spenser Little, wire artist…

IMG_6794 small

And I’m pretty sure this is Christopher Konecki, although I may be wrong.

IMG_6804 small

And this is the Schizophonics, who were very hyper and loud.

IMG_6825 small

Spenser attaching his wire bits to the sign…

IMG_6826 small

That’s when we left…needed food. But it was good.

Then Sunday dog sleeping. Some family health excitement in the middle of all that. Suffice it to say that all is well (for now) and hopefully will stay that way.

IMG_6832 small\

I had 4 nights of catchup on this unfortunately. Mostly down in the bottom left.

IMG_6836 small

Then more ironing after dinner…other leg above the land.

IMG_6837 small

A recycling truck…

IMG_6838 small

A city and a tornado…

IMG_6840 small

Yes. Those are tiny windows. I only lost one of them. So it looks like I’m halfway done, but I’m not in terms of pieces…because hands and fingers and two more land bits. I’m somewhere in the 400s…got plenty more to do and not a ton of time in which to do it.

IMG_6841 small

Today is errands and more cleaning and hopefully ironing at the end of it. I wanted to be done with ironing by today, but that’s not a thing. Not today. I’m pretty sure it’s another 10 plus hours. Maybe today and tomorrow? It’s possible. Time is frittering away. Drives me nuts. Feel like I am only ironing in my spare time…and that’s what I do during school. It should be better right now. Oh well…there’s progress. That’s a plus.

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