Oh Life, It’s Bigger*

So am I the only one cleaning my floor at 10:30 PM so I can lay a quilt out for pinbasting before I go to bed? It’s certainly possible…but I had it in my head that I would get done. So I did. It always makes sense the night before. Mornings are sometimes a bit rough. My brain is functional, because I managed making tea and giving the animals a breakfast. Doing well!

Unlike yesterday, when Calli decided to go in the pool and then roll in a bunch of dirt. I had noticed her over there before, so I yelled at her, hosed her down (which she really appreciated (I got Sad Eyes for the rest of the evening)…

IMG_4328 small

And then went over to figure out the appeal of the dirt. Ah. A carcass. Another skunk. Bloody hell. That’s 4 dead skunks. So I removed the carcass, although I did not toss it…because it’s almost just bones. I could see the spine. Science teacher brain. Huh. So then I’m making tea and Googling How to Remove Skin from a Skunk Skeleton. Like you do. No decisions yet. Bet you’re glad you don’t live with me.

I was flailing a bit, tired, but not hungry. Ugh. So I started stitching down again, and the thread decided to hate on me…

IMG_4330 small

But I eventually got it to behave and kept going…

IMG_4331 small

Who needs dinner when you can stitch down a flaming halo?

IMG_4332 small

I finished. Really. I think it was about 4 1/2 hours total. Then I ate dinner and cleaned the floor…that’s where I lay out my quilts.

IMG_4333 small

By the time I was done finding a backing and a piece of appropriately sized batting, it was dry. It was also about 11:45 PM. Aargh. Well. I pinbasted. I’m pretty sure you knew I would.

IMG_4335 small

I went to bed a little late for me (a lot late for most of the world)…

IMG_4336 small

Definitely not wide awake at the moment, but happily onto the next step of the quilt phase. Quilting tonight for sure! I should see if I have a good background thread, so I don’t have to stop and wait, right? Thinking ahead. What a concept. Then go buy binding fabric on Saturday or Sunday. It will be done next week. I still have to put the binding on the other one too.

The scariest thing right now? I don’t know what I’m doing next. Yes, there are deadlines. But none of them are imminent. OK. Well one is. Sort of. I don’t even have a drawing for that one. No idea what I’m gonna do. Good stuff. And I’ve been coming home and ignoring school…probably with progress report grades due I can’t do that every night any more. Much as I’d like to.

*REM, Losing My Religion

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