I’m Not Catching on Fire Today*

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. There’s nothing quiet about having a birthday at a middle school. That said, the million hugs kinda make up for the bad singing. Mostly. Really I was looking forward to coming home and making art. Sounds crazy, I know, and I did meet up and have a drink, and then went and got my favorite Indian food and picked up a library book (very important). After dinner, I went straight to the art. I think I ironed for more than 4 hours yesterday. Impressive.

I didn’t get ALL the letters, thus proving that you can read a message even with some of it missing…

IMG_2863 small

The kids followed through on a good birthday present…

IMG_2875 small

No. I’m not cutting my wrists. Just a long-term wish that I never quite made real. Now I have to, or as the girlchild put it, I’m stealing from my kids…

So the bottom is another pile of people. It looks a little chaotic here…it will be fine with outlining.

IMG_2865 small

Kitten is my faithful studio companion.

IMG_2867 small

I think I had Calli for a while as well.

Then ironing legs…

IMG_2868 small

And the giant World in a Crotch. Which I realize will set some people off.

IMG_2869 small

Eh. Sorry. Not. There’s a good reason for it.

So Calli is still limping and got herself stuck in the weeds…she got up there but couldn’t figure out how to get down without jumping on the hurt foot. She’s going to the vet today.

IMG_2861 small

And I need to do something about my weeds.

Later at night, puppy is refusing to come back in. He’s fine, by the way. No more explosions.

IMG_2870 small

Just chasing possums or bunnies…he separated a family of something and they were squeaking out there. Poor babies. And then the coyotes started howling. He came in then. So he’s not a total idiot.

And I kept ironing.

IMG_2871 small

And kept ironing. Remember this thing is SMALL.

IMG_2872 small

I’m mostly through the 200s…ready to start 300s, I think.

IMG_2873 small

Not bad for a school night. And an old lady.

*Cake, Sheep Go to Heaven

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