I Am Thinking of Your Voice*

So I’m up way too early, earlier than I would be for work, but it’s for a good cause. It’s often hard to get women to show up, to come together…after the last 6 months of political crazy, after listening to some of my more conservative friends continue to throw support at Mr. Crazy, despite his hate-mongering, while trying to make art in the middle of all this…I need to go out and be with a bunch of people who feel the same…or at least similarly. We all have our issues, our pressure points.

So we march. We protest because we live in a country based on freedom of voice. We’re allowed to say what we think, sometimes a bit too much of course (um, Presidential tweets for example). Personally, right now, I don’t have enough caffeine in me to make any great statements except I march.

And that’s the spirit in which I am making this quilt. Yesterday I made it to the quilt store after work, avoiding a flooded freeway and a mile-long backup on surface streets (thank you phone maps!). When I had bought the background fabric before, I forgot to add a border around the image, so it wasn’t enough fabric. I had two choices: buy all new, but more of it, or see if I could find the original one and just buy 2 more yards. The latter was my plan, but as I was pulling that fabric off the shelf, the one next to it started screaming at me. Huh. OK. So I bought it too. Because it will all get used…trust me.

I had to piece it…twice. This is a big fucking quilt guys. Seriously big.

Then I started ironing the funny bits and pieces I had in a pile onto the background fabric.


Usually when they’re this big, I have to do them on the entryway floor, but this one is relatively long and skinny (if 60″ is skinny), so I chose to do it on the ironing board. It worked really well…


So here you can see the one I picked versus the one I originally chose (on top). It was just a little too purple.


And 2 1/2 hours later, here we are…


Yeah. It needs outlining, desperately, but it’s good. I like it.

It’s gonna take a monster shitload of time to stitch down and quilt. Sigh. Oh well. I don’t think I’ll be done in January like I wanted to be. Another oh well. The plus is I think it will fill a wall…the one I was originally going to put three pieces on…and then thought two? I think this one is big enough to go all by itself with room to breathe. But we’ll see.

I didn’t do Year of Stitches last night…I’ll catch up Sunday I think. Or maybe tonight. Or this afternoon. There are some options for free time, depending on how everything rolls.

Meanwhile, Here was chosen for the Art Quilt Retrospective book that SAQA is putting out. Cool. But I took the picture myself on an ancient camera and it needs a new one. Quick.


But first I have to find it, because my quilt storage is currently a disaster. And I haven’t been able to lift the rolls up onto the shelves by myself this year, so then I just keep piling them in my bedroom and that’s not working. I need a better storage system. So I pulled everything and piled it on the girlchild’s bed.


I need a solution by the time she comes home. Better than the three giant burritos of quilts that I currently have.


I found Here and ironed it and dehaired it for the photographer tomorrow. My to-do list this weekend is deadly. But I got this. Clouds are clearing and hopefully the rain is out of the forecast for a few hours. I lost no branches or trees in yesterday’s downpour. Yeah, there’s water in the garage, but that’s nothing new. This new quilt is gonna be awesome. I’m going to keep making art throughout this presidency, just like I always do…and I’ll keep making political art, even when I don’t think I’m making it political…because that’s what I do.

*Suzanne Vega, Tom’s Diner

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