I Need Noise*

Late start again, not because I was sleeping in, because that’s still not a thing here. It’s the boychild’s birthday…he’s 21 today…and we hiked. Photos from that tomorrow…I don’t have the time or patience to resize those today, but we went up into the Cuyamacas, looking for a reasonable hike (we are all different levels of ability)…our first choice, the road was closed for replanting…indefinitely. So we picked one across the highway, which was notionally closed for a stream running through it (ah rain). The third was a keeper.

Anyway, I have since eaten, showered, and ironed a bit before I wanted to take a break. The skeleton had quite a few pieces…


And then I finally got to the flesh. I started ironing them down even though I hadn’t picked the head fabrics yet…it just gets to be too many pieces sometimes.


So I have most of the 900s ironed down and some portion of the 1000s as well. And maybe a few 1100s. I haven’t done her bones…waiting on the pelvic girdle, which is in the 1300s (misnumbering issue). I’m getting close to the end though. I’d like to say I’ll finish tonight, but we still have dinner and presents and cake, all those normal birthday things. I’m lucky at the moment that both kids’ birthdays are when they’re home for vacations. That won’t happen much longer.

Here’s the pile of fabrics I’ve been using. I didn’t iron down all of the flesh pieces last night…it was 1 AM and I knew I had to be up relatively early to hike, so I stopped.


So what I’m doing now is ironing all those down. The bin is getting very full…


I have two more days of no school with no other major responsibilities. That’s it. Plus I have a major assignment I haven’t even touched. And maybe I won’t. Sigh. I mean, I will eventually, but it seems important that I get all this ironed down ASAP and then start cutting pieces out. Realistically? Could happen. I’m hoping to finish this one this month…and start another one. Yikes. Sounds possible. We’ll see.

I’m also doing the 1 Year of Stitches thing. I think. I mean, I started it. We’ll see.


I have no plan. Unlike everything else. That’s sort of nice, actually. One thing in life without a plan.

*K. Flay, Blood in the Cut

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