The Images Stuck in Your Head*

So a huge feeling of relief as I finished that quilt yesterday evening. And then I sat around for about 10 minutes before I got started on the next one. To my credit, it’s been drawing itself in my head for a couple of weeks. I think. I’m not sure when I did the first part of the drawing, and certainly this idea has been percolating for months. The second one is also germinating in that chemical slop that lives in my art brain. The third one? I’m not sure. Yet. I had an idea, but it’s gone. But I’ve got time on that one. The plan? Finish the three skinny ones for one wall, then the small one for the other show, then another bathtub, unless one of them gets into that other show…then I might need two bathtubs. Yikes. OK. Don’t worry about that right now. Got enough on my plate. I do have one bathtub drawn and enlarged and numbered though. So that’s a plus.

Including science. Teaching it. Trying to understand what I’m teaching (some days)…prepping for and cleaning up after labs. Just trying to see the big picture for the next unit. I honestly am mostly ignorant of a lot of what I’m doing these days until I realize I’m ignorant and start reading or watching videos. This is so much easier than it would have been 20 years ago. YouTube saves my butt.


Using up ALL the balloons in the world. ALL OF THEM. OK, not really. Certainly we’ve used more AlkaSeltzer this year than I thought possible. And we’re buying stock in vinegar, baking soda, and yeast. And handwarmers. Don’t even ask.

So it’s a relief some days to come home and just sit on the couch with all the animals and a TV show and needle and thread. I know some of you understand. Even though all I had to do was two sleeves, top and bottom, and they’re pretty boring (and I finally poked a hole in my finger…knew it would happen…no callouses)…it was still relaxing.


Which is good, because my neck is sorta half frozen in a bad place at the moment. Today I’m hoping is the day we finally budge it (after a month plus of trying a variety of things).

Anyway, there she is, fully bound.


A mere 85 hours of work, completed basically from about November 1st to now. Five weeks. Not bad. Should have been able to do it faster, but whatever. Life kicks you upside the head and you just bully through. Photographer delivery tomorrow.

Amusingly, I was cleaning up before starting the next one, and I found these…the pieces I traced correctly but then lost and had to redraw or steal from the wrong-way-round pieces. I never even cut them out. Wow. Tired much?


Cat head. Legs. Eyes. Inner ears. Top of head. Yes. I can recognize pieces just by looking at the shapes. Granted, I also know what I was missing.

I might still iron the other head together and make a mini quilt out of it. It’ll be hard to figure out the time taken to complete it, because some of it is tied up in the others of the other quilt, but I bet I could do some rudimentary math and figure it out. So maybe that’s also a goal this week. I can toss it up on Etsy for that crazy person who wants a head on a quilt. You know you do.

Meanwhile, I pulled this back out. I need to get this part drawn enough so I can enlarge it and add the rest of the body and head. I did this back in November some time. I didn’t date it…I usually write the date. Dammit. It’s probably in my blog though, huh? Yeah. I bet it is. (this is why I keep this thing…it’s my brain when I can’t remember shit.)


Uh huh. November 22. Found it. I thought it was earlier than that. OK. Well with a cat on one side, a giant Golden Retriever sprawled on the other couch, and this little guy behind me on the back of the couch (I am NOT a cat)…


I kept going…


I like where I’m going with this. I’m not sure about the head, but I do know what’s going on down below and behind and around her. So I will probably keep drawing on this tonight and then copy? Tonight? I do have a copy place that’s open until 10 or 11 PM (well hallelujah for that, right?). Or maybe I’ll draw and then do the other head. We’ll see what I’m in the mood for at the end of the day. I’m getting my first ever massage and THEN doing chiropractor right after. I met the massage therapist…I’m OK with Viking women going all crazy on my back and neck at the moment if it will help.

It’s nice to finally be moving on to the stuff for the solo show.

*Elliott Smith, Between the Bars

One Response to The Images Stuck in Your Head*

  1. I like that it brings to mind the Clark Kent / Superman image – in a way. Look – under that disguise – it’s a WOMAN.


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