I Need to Know the Why

Well I worked a good chunk of yesterday, but the world is still a mess today. You’d think if enough people yelled Stop It that someone might hear. I don’t understand why they don’t. I need to know why.

I am closer to done on the cutting…even though I didn’t get much of a chance to work on it yesterday…I cut out lots of crane feathers while watching videos about atoms and electrons.

IMG_7298 small

I’m still taking two chemistry classes online, even though it’s been hard to find the time. I have to say that it helps to have two different types of teachers explaining the stuff, but Rice University’s course is currently easier for me to understand. He actually explained where we came up with all the ideas we have about the atom and its structure. I like to know the why. I always need to know the why. Don’t just tell me This is the way it is. Explain to me how we got there. What we still don’t know. What we did to figure it out.

Here’s the current pile of stuff that is cut out…

IMG_7299 small

And only this is left. I might work on that today, although there are other things I need to do as well. But I want to be done with this stage so I can move on to the ironing-stuff-together part, which is always more fun for me, and probably for my readers. Days and days of pictures of piles of pieces…ugh. Although at least these are color and pattern, unlike the days and days of Wonder Under cutting.

I know many people ask me why I make quilts like this. Some even try to tell me how to do it differently, but this is what works for me. I came up with this crazy process over a long period of experimentation…to get to a place where I could make what I saw in my head. So yeah…it’s time-consuming. But the product is good. So shake your head at my crazy, but it works for me. I’m OK with being the crazy one.

IMG_7304 small

Kitten is fine, recovering well. Some people asked. Every morning, when I wake up to her trying to clean herself through the cone (which she kinda wears as a collar), I tell her how many more days of wearing it, and we check out her stitches. They’re healing well. She’s acting pretty normal now…the first few days were a little rough, but she’s definitely herself now.

IMG_7303 small

Apparently though it will take 4-6 months for the hair to grow back, so I kinda feel sorry for her, but they are the hottest months of the year, so maybe it will feel nice. Hard to say, since she can’t use words to tell me. She does boisterously clean me, though, especially when I scratch all the parts she can’t reach right now. That said, I just came back in here and she had managed to push the cone out of the way enough to reach the bottom stitches. Sigh. While sitting in the chair I only barely vacated. And is now beating me with her tail in retribution. So yeah. She’s back to normal, despite the Frankenscar on her belly.

I keep saying I’m going to draw and then I don’t. And this week is kind of a bitch for getting stuff done. Lots of stuff at night. Which reminds me, I’ll be doing the artist talk at the Oceanside Museum of Art on Tuesday, from 6:30-8. I can put people on a guest list so you can get in free; otherwise, I think it’s $10. I don’t know what I’m going to say yet, but I’m supposed to practice it so it’s not more than 5 minutes. I’m a teacher. We talk fast. And I guess in true Kathy brain-style, I will tell why I made the quilt. I need to know the why. Ironically, I can’t always explain the why in my own work. But this one I can.

2 Responses to I Need to Know the Why

  1. Yep, me too. Why is what it’s all about.


  2. Great job on all that cutting! Now to find the piece you need among all those beautifully cut pieces:)!


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