All the Things

Although the jackhammering started early, to my night-owl brain, it seems to maybe be done? I eavesdropped on the guy in charge, and it certainly seems like today is the last day. AND I am currently enjoying my new keyboard with keys that actually have LETTERS on them. I know, right? What a luxury item.

I did work most of yesterday. Copyediting. I’ll be doing it again most of today and tomorrow. It’s OK. I need the money.

Meanwhile, I do toss in some artmaking, mostly at night, when I probably couldn’t continue to work anyway. I’m a little over 8 hours into the trimming, and this is where it gets slow. The pile doesn’t change much over time once I get the big pieces cut out. Because then I run into pieces like this…

IMG_7232 small

Daisies…that was all of them in one of the three colors I ironed them onto…so imagine about 30 minutes spent cutting them out.

Midnight helped…

IMG_7234 small

At the end of the evening, well, night…because it was well after midnight. The time, not the cat. The top box is all cut out. There’s still quite a bit in the lower box.

IMG_7235 small

Simba finally settled down for a nap after I threw two balls consecutively for about 15 minutes, nonstop.

IMG_7236 small

I need to be focused today. We’re hiking this afternoon too. So yeah. Trying to do ALL the things. It’s just not possible. Plus I need to know ALL the stuff too. So I don’t have a lot of words today. Brain is fuzz.

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