Going Solo

So I have some really good news I’ve been sitting on for a few days, just letting it percolate. I’ve been invited to have a solo show in the VALYA gallery at Visions Art Museum next July. It’s the smaller gallery space in the back and there will be another show (which sounds cool too) in the front. I will be making some new work and using some already-made work as well…as I get closer to the date, I’ll hopefully figure out what that might look like! As I’m sitting here with three quilts ahead of anything for that…

But I’m excited! My first solo show and in Visions…it’s a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in that gallery and imagined my work up on the walls (and I’ve had plenty of pieces in there, but never more than one at a time). So expect to see some work coming for that…and because of the timing with Comi-Con, you might see some of this…


Or this, minus the lame costume. Really I just want to use Bif, Bam, and Pow in a quilt or two.


With my own take on superheroes maybe. We’ll see. I’ve got months to think about it.

Meanwhile, yesterday was no art, just work…and then a hike that seriously kicked my butt. We did Mt. Woodson, but went up the back way, via the Fry-Koegel trail. We picked it because we knew it was going to be hot most of the week, and the kids are working Friday, and this has mostly shade going for the first two miles. We left around 6:15 PM and the heat was intense for me. I don’t do heat well, being pale-faced Northern European, and my legs were like wooden blocks for miles 3 and 4. But I did it.

IMG_7112 small

We missed sunset on top…we were about 20-30 minutes too early, but that was better than hiking down in the dark. I think. Maybe.

It was still beautiful, even if it kicked my ass. I taped up the blister really well and it didn’t get worse (it’s not healing particularly quickly, but probably hiking before it healed was not the best thing for it!). We won’t hike again probably until next week…maybe a short one with the dogs…but that’s not too bad.

IMG_7113 small

This is finally on the way down the front of the mountain. There were about 17 lizards on this rock, so the girlchild was checking the warmth…

IMG_7114 small

Yup. She’s a lizard-in-training.

OK, back to copyediting so I can get this chapter out of my hair and continue with ironing and maybe drawing for the next one. Ha! Crazy. It’s because as July approaches, I feel school looming…especially this year, it seems an incredibly early start. Trying not to think about it. Too much to do…

4 thoughts on “Going Solo

  1. Big congratulations on the solo show! If you’re selling, I hope you sell lots and lots so you no longer have to worry about tuition, vet bills (poor kitty), doing copywork, food and all that other annoying stuff


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