Forced Break

My brain gets into this art mode and refuses to let go. I have a post-it with some have-to’s on it. None of them are really desperate, but it would be good to do them sooner rather than later. But…ironing…it is all I do at the moment. I’m on a roll. Except shit. I just got paying work. So I’ll be doing that today (and apparently part of tomorrow). Sigh. OK. I need to pay for college. I can do this. But that pushes everything else out of the way too. I’ll work work work until I get it done, and then I have freedom…to go back to ironing, still not getting the other have-to’s done.

Whatever. I’m doing my best here. It’s a forced break. Harder to do on “vacation.” I’m envious of those who just have the freedom to do what they like most of the time, to get up in the morning and consider their options.

Calli hurt her foot. She still wants me to throw the ball, but I’m refusing. She is not happy with me. The rule is that she puts the ball on or near my lap, and I throw it. I am breaking the rules. Yes. I’m still stitching birds. I’m almost done…seriously.

IMG_7078 small

I do this at my parents’ as the girlchild cooks dinner. It’s a Sunday thing.

Eventually she (sort of) gave up and sat with the ball, just waiting for the next unsuspecting ball thrower to not realize she’s injured and throw it again.

IMG_7084 small

I actually spent a good part of the middle of the day at Taste of Adams, 40 restaurants (we only made it to 16 or so, and I skipped the 4 or 5 with fish entrees) in 4 hours. So the afternoon was a little fuzzy-headed from too much food and some wine and a bit of sunburned dehydration.

But I ironed anyway. So I wish I could tell you how far along I am…but I’m skipping around again. I have a few pieces left to iron in the 900s, so yes, I am more than halfway, but this piece is evidence that I’ve done much more than that. This is the fabric I used for the lightest range of flesh tones, and I have very little of it left, which is somewhat unfortunate, because I still have the face to do. But I can manage that.

IMG_7091 small

I went through the boxes and found all the flesh pieces for the upper torso and arms and ironed all of them, including fingers and finger wrinkles and fingernails. So that was a bunch of pieces above and beyond the 900s.

Here’s the box of ironed pieces, ready to be cut out when I move on to that stage.

IMG_7092 small

It’s a little overly full, but the big boxes I have are being used for the higher numbers, like 1800s and 1900s, so they won’t be available until the end.

Anyway, I have 19+ hours of ironing in. Sheesh. I’m going to go over my original estimate of 23 hours by a significant amount, I think. Yesterday and Saturday…I ironed a gecko, some cocoons, a few butterflies, I got through all the grapes and the vine, also a passionflower vine. Then I did all that flesh…and the pine branch on the right arm. The next step is the crane, shades of white mostly…then up the arm into the kelp and cactus.

So by the time I was done ironing last night, the fabric pile was a mess. I rummage through it looking for stuff that will work for what I’m ironing now…I don’t need to pick brand-new fabrics for each section, although I did pick some new ones…

IMG_7093 small

I cleaned up so when I start again, I can see everything clearly. By color. Sort of.

IMG_7094 small

Still heavy on the greens and browns.

So there’s still a ton of work to be done on this, but I’m past the halfway point. It’s really really hard to put it down today, to walk away from it, but I need to copyedit. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to it. Or maybe post-hike tonight (yeah right?). If I think I might do more tonight, that might be enough to get me off the couch after the hike. We’ll see. Until then, I’m staring at a computer and trying not to go cross-eyed.

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