Learned That the Hard Way…

I didn’t make a conscious choice to stay up late last night. I walked both dogs when I got home from school. I fed myself. I did some work, which hopefully will turn into a job. I graded a big pile of science journals, the ones I meant to get done on Sunday but that got co-opted by a door issue. It was after 11 PM. But I know how my brain works. I knew I was already in a mood, that stress and work and life in general were dragging me down. Those are the days I really need to make some art, to spend some time drawing or ironing or whatever it is. Am I tired this morning? Well yeah, I am, and I can’t find the stuff I need for work (I think it’s AT work is why), and I know today is a lab day, so I will be exhausted by the end of it, but I also know how much worse I would have felt today if I didn’t make art. And honestly, even though it was late when I finally DID go to bed, I couldn’t fall asleep. Too much whirling around in my head. Or I don’t even know. I was wide awake. Truly annoying. Flip flop. Sheeit. I need to sleep. I hate that feeling. We all do. It’s even worse when you keep thinking about how late it is and how little sleep you’ll get even if you fall asleep Right NOW. And then you don’t.

Eventually I did, but then something woke me early in the morning too. It’s a 5-hour-sleep day. If that. I guess that’s better than some.

I ironed for a little over an hour…starting with the face…

DSCN0015 small

Faces are always fussy because there’s stuff that overlaps in a weird way around the nose and the hair, and you have to fuss with placement. Especially the eyes. I always iron the eyes separate and then place them on the face so I can move them around, make sure they’re level and not too close together or far apart.

Learned that the hard way.

That’s when I should have gone to bed. Naah. I sorted through the 200s and laid them out on the table. Then I found all the flesh pieces, which meant rummaging through the 300s as well. Ironed all of them down, separate from the head. It’s easier to do it separately and then iron the two larger pieces together at the end.

DSCN0017 small

Then I started on all the stuff that will cover the flesh…only got through the trees on her torso, but they look pretty good. It’s hard to iron this layer because I can only barely see it through the fabric and the teflon sheet. I will probably iron the vines, flowers, and cactus separately and then put them on top. Same with the lungs and the heart.

So there’s about 175 pieces left to do, probably another couple of hours, because they’re a bit fussy. And then I need to iron it down to the background. I might get to that this week…it depends on the job I bid on, whether I get it or not. Honestly, I need the work, need the money to get through the summer and its numerous college payments, but I’d also welcome NOT getting the job, so I can work on this. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but I try to do the Have-To’s first before I take time to make art. And if I tell her the work will be done by whenever, then I actually need to finish, right? I still need to finish the big drawing too…especially realizing how close to the end of the school year I am.

I’d tell you to wish me luck, but I’m not sure what I need most…the work? Or the art?

The artist for the day is Jason Humphrey, who works in ink and watercolor. Check out the original artwork tab and I bet you can find the stuff I like, especially the pieces with multiple layers of paper and complicated drawings…truly wonderful for long-term staring.

OK, off to Work 1, waiting to hear from Work 2, wanting to do Work 4 (art), but also realizing I need to do Work 3 (oh holey moley, I forgot about that).

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