First of all, some crazy fairy has left all the black pens in the world in my office. In front of my keyboard. Right where my arms should go. I know that’s not really what’s happened, that every time I walked in here to do something worklike, I brought a black pen with me and left it here, and soon all of them will be here and then I will come in here to find them, and they will migrate back out into the rest of the house…but for now, they gather here, some sort of black pen reunion. There’s another batch of them in my purse…maybe I should reunite them. Got a pen? Yeah, I’ve got 12. All different.

There are 29 days of school left. This is somewhat relieving and yet also panicky, because of how much has to be done. That’s why I came home yesterday and graded another assignment…after a science meeting where we discussed my minor freakout about what I’ll be teaching next year. It’ll be FINE. I just need to figure out what an atom is. (shh) I was standing in Staples, trying desperately to remember why I was even in there (lab materials, but oooh! Pens!), and the principal called me (why did I give him my number?) and I tried to answer his questions best I could, wondering how on EARTH all these teachers are gonna learn all the stuff they need to well enough to teach it. My co-teacher handed me a pile of books, but my brain is completely shut down right now in terms of trying to learn anything. Talk to me in July. In July, I’ll be able to handle reading about materials and chemical reactions and protons and electrons and Strontium. Maybe. Not now. Now is a day at a time. Darwin today. Beaks next week. Survival next week (really, not just mine, but teaching about it). The fastest Natural Selection unit ever. In fact, only the strong will survive (topic for today), after inputting the last assignment in the gradebook. Progress reports go home today. Please please, argue with me that a D is a good grade and I shouldn’t add any comments to your report about how your work is always half done and late.

I didn’t start until late, as always. And honestly, I didn’t get much done.

I sorted the pieces for the new quilt.

DSCN0149 small

It was nice to only have to deal with 4 boxes instead of 12 or so.

DSCN0151 small

It took me a whopping 20 minutes…and that was it. I was done. I wanted to try drawing, but it was not to be. Too tired to think about how things fit in spaces and how I might draw them. Too tired to go quilt. Too tired to pick a binding for the orange quilt. Just too damn tired.

Your artist for the day is Paula Collins, a ceramics artist from Fallbrook. You can see her work here. The ceramic pieces range from pretty small to quite large, but they all have a quirky finish to them. I quite like the birdhouses and the larger busts. The facial expressions are great. This is where I wish I had never-ending cash so I could buy art I like, but alas, I will just have to stare from afar.

As far as tonight goes, I’m not anticipating getting much, if anything done. I do need to cut some dowels and slats and dehair a larger quilt for delivery tomorrow, so that will have to happen, unless I want to get up early tomorrow. And I don’t! Who knows…maybe I’ll come back from gaming tonight and have wide-awake energy and get a bunch of drawing done (probability calculations not good). You never know though. How I feel now is not how I’ll feel later. Hopefully!

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