Ironing It Out…

Back to avoiding all the shit I’m supposed to do over break (yardwork, housework, financial aid)…I’m in art brain mode. Why? Because I started ironing and an image started to appear and now that’s all I want to do is stare at it and make it come together. For hours. Fuck the rest of it. Seriously don’t want to deal with anything else. Bad. Bad Kathy.

So the one thing with this quilt is that normally I would have enlarged it 250%. But it can’t be enlarged for this show. It has to be fucking tiny. So it’s taking longer to iron because I’m dealing with these utterly teensy weensy pieces.

The tree is upside down because in real life it’s upside down. I have two right-side-up figures and one upside-down figure. I’m sure at some point the girlchild will complain that she is upside down in this piece and I will explain to her that she was the second child and she came out backwards and that’s why. Then she’ll complain about being naked in the quilt, but that’s what happens when your mom is a quilt artist and does nudes. So there.

DSCN0530 small

See…the pieces are mostly tiny. In fact, some are so tiny that I’m not cutting them out until it’s time to iron them down, because I would just lose them.

DSCN0531 small

This is about 180 pieces ironed. I still need to do the rest of her arm. The moon to her left with the clouds, it’s done. So are the things below the tree. They’re in the bin, waiting to be ironed down to the background.

DSCN0532 small

That’s about three hours of work. Not a small amount. So it took 3 hours to iron less than 200 pieces. I’m figuring 12 hours total. She doesn’t really have a yin/yang tattoo, but she does have a scar from back surgery.

Girlchild got out of her increasingly nasty dorm situation yesterday, finally…a relief to all of us. Still trying to clean up loose ends on that, but hopefully it will be done and behind us soon. And hopefully I can force my brain to do some work soon too…besides ironing. Right now though? Right now I’m going to iron for a while. It’s my meditation. Clears my mind. Lets it process. Sometimes that’s what I need, more than I need a clean house and a weeded front yard. I know some people don’t understand that, but honestly, I’m at an age where I just really don’t care about that. Cronedom, here I come!

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