The Doing Is Where the Joy Is…

Busy weekend. Lots to do and see. Managed to finish stitching down the quilt on Saturday…not early, because apparently I needed sleep and lots of it. But it only took about 5 hours to stitch her down total.

Midnight was not at all helpful. She never really is. Mostly just tries to sleep on things and vomit up hairballs. This is why when I leave my machine for more than 5 minutes, I wrap the quilt around the machine. She can’t sit on it, she can’t eat the thread, and she’d be hard-pressed to vomit on it.

DSCN0092 small

I only had about an hour left to do on Saturday. Yes, I spent all weekend trying to recharge, so I have not gotten as much done as I’d like.

DSCN0093 small

It was necessary. Here’s what the back looks like. I look at the back to see if I missed anything major.

DSCN0095 small

The batting was washed and dried, there was enough of the fabric I’d picked for the front to do the back as well AND have a little leftover for other quilts, so that was good.

DSCN0096 small

This isn’t actually a huge quilt. There was a size restriction for this show.

DSCN0097 small

Pinbasted in under 30 minutes.

DSCN0098 small

No cats were involved in the pinbasting, unlike normally, when Kitten goes barreling through and skids through the backing.

DSCN0099 small

Then I interrupted artmaking with art, food, more food, work, errands, more food, and work. In that order. Wait. I think sleep was in there. Not sure.

Then last night, I started quilting.

DSCN0128 small

Late. I started late. Shocking really. But I got the legs and the lower torso done in about an hour and a half. Just have 10 arms, 3 heads, and the background left. No biggie…

DSCN0129 small

That’s for later today I think. And tomorrow. And I don’t know how many days. I don’t think it will take me 20 hours, but what do I know? This is smaller than the quilt I’m comparing it to, which has a similar number of pieces. This one also has less background, but it’s the fussy outlining that takes a long time. So it’s really hard for me to say how long. I do know my plan is to get the binding on next weekend. Because I’m emailing the photographer. Yup. There’s a deadline for you. Anyway. It’s a plan.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to the art. There were a few openings I wanted to go to on Saturday…all in Barrio Logan, the new arts center of San Diego. One was at the Glashaus, but really I liked these pieces marked MANU…

DSCN0100 small

I don’t think this gallery/office space had been open before when I’ve been here…

DSCN0101 small

But it had a few of his pieces…

DSCN0103 small

I love the blue line through the face…looked everywhere for his card. Not to be found.

DSCN0104 small

Also revisited my favorite wire artist…Spenser Little…

DSCN0105 small

His work is fascinating.

DSCN0106 small

I have video of one of his lamps too, but haven’t pulled it off the phone yet.

No artist info on this cool metal sculpture…

DSCN0108 small

Then we walked over to Gallery D, which is where my art group will have a show later this year. And guess who we found…

Yup. That’s Manu again…

DSCN0115 small

But this time, we have artists’ names. I was there for Anna, who’s a member of the art group I’m in. But here’s the website for Manu…still unclear on whether it’s one person or a few…

DSCN0123 small

Here’s Anna Zappoli, who I came to see…

DSCN0116 small

And her original small drawing for her mural…

DSCN0117 small

A view down one wall…

DSCN0119 small

And another…

DSCN0120 small

I liked this piece by Esther Gamez Rubio…

DSCN0121 small

And the other wall from the other side…

DSCN0122 small

Then we wandered around the back and finally found the Low Gallery (we’ve looked for it before…it’s in a dark alley). They were showing prints done by K-2nd graders at St. Therese’s School in Wilcannia, NSW, 98% aboriginal students. I’m a fan of kid art…how they view the world intrigues me…

DSCN0125 small

These are from about 10 years ago, which I didn’t know when I was at the show…

DSCN0126 small

So these kids are all now teens. Figure the one below out…they’re cutting trees down, it’s raining, and then there’s a rocket in the sky? I think?

DSCN0127 small

Anyway, it was a good night for art and food and the like. Sometimes you just have to walk away from real life so you can go back to it later and not flip out. Try to remember why it is that you work…it’s not just to pay the bills. It’s to do the stuff you like to do. Make art, see art, occasionally buy art. Hang out and eat good food and talk. All good stuff. Certainly, when you’re having a conversation with a muralist who spent hours making a painting that will be covered up by the next show, never to be seen again…the making is very important. But you’re not going to be able to sell that painting. Hard to understand sometimes…but the doing is where the joy is…

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