Back to the Fabric

OK, some nights I totally rock it. I come home, I don’t space out or veg out, I get everything going like the Energizer bunny. Probably that makes up for the nights when I space out. Veg out. Collapse. I usually do work on art every day though. Yesterday was a little delayed by the fact that the boychild is supposed to fly back to school Saturday morning through blizzard conditions and even his airline is suspecting cancellations, so a brief look at whether he could get out tonight (insert hysterical laughter here) followed by a phone call from my SIL who had just cancelled her flight back east for the weekend…it may be that he’s hanging out with us for a few extra days. Can’t complain. He does his dishes and entertains animals and is occasionally sociable. Plus he could remember all the background info for The 100, which is good, because I was totally mixing it up with The Expanse and couldn’t figure out where the hell they were. Is this Earth? Sheeit. Too much sci fi rambling together in my brain.

I even managed to start picking fabrics last night for the new quilt, although it was a pretty pitiful start…that’s it. All of it. In the box.

DSCN3008 small

Mostly because I had to put away all the fabrics from the LAST quilt. I leave them out in boxes until I’ve finished the quilt, in case I need a piece to fill in or cover somewhere or something gets damaged. It’s easier to find them if they’re still in the boxes than if I’ve re-filed all of them into their color bins. So I cleaned up first and then started picking at around 11 PM I think. Yup. So the people who always ask me how I hold down a full-time-plus (because teaching is PLUS) job AND make art, the answer is that when you are warm and snuggled in bed, I’m being antisocial in my office with my fabric. Well, not particularly antisocial since no one lives with me fulltime but animals, and they’re always in there. Right now, 7:30 AM, I have a dog lying on the floor behind my chair and a cat in the shoebox behind the sewing machine. The other cat is sleeping on my bed. She’ll stay there until I get home probably. Last night, while I was ironing, she mostly sat here…in front of the screen where I was trying to watch what was happening to the ark.

Only somewhat annoying. I had all three in here at one point.

DSCN3006 small

Notice when I said “clean up,” I didn’t mean all the stuff on the desk.

I sorted the first 100 pieces…

DSCN3007 small

And then Midnight tried to stand on them. I only picked fabrics for the first 13 pieces. Yup. Big progress last night. Thirteen whole pieces. But it’s a start. I guessed 10 hours. I hoped I’d be done by the weekend, maybe even Saturday. That’s starting to look problematic. But then I always have to adjust.

I did also sandwich and pinbaste the baby quilt…

DSCN3005 small

It’s very light and pretty and unlike what I usually do, but that’s OK…it’s not for me. I’m hoping to get it quilted by Monday, but Tuesday at the latest. So that has to fit into the next few days, along with grades and all the other normal life things like my job. And maybe sleep. Eh.


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