But Yeah. No.

Well. So the girlchild left this morning for college. The boychild is stuck here until…well…until National Pie Day. I think he must be bored, because when I jokingly asked him if he’d organize all my to-be-filed papers, he jumped at it. Excited. Weird. I never feel that way. And he was FAST. I helped a little…but here…

DSCN2943 small

All organized by company or topic. Then I went through and filed most of it. I hate doing this. But I needed to find the roof receipt to deal with the leak. Ironically, it was on top almost. Don’t know why. It’s from 2010. I file sporadically. Sometimes I start at the bottom of the pile and sometimes at the top, so you never know what you’ll find in there.

So that ate up part of my evening. A significant part. That and fixing the girlchild’s pants so she could wear them for a few more months, and prepping a lesson for school, and putting away all the wrapping paper crap, and dealing with all the boxes that have been accumulating, and installing cable boxes, and cleaning out cupboards. Some of it was stuff that had to be done sooner rather than later, and then a bunch of it was just procrastination, because school made me tired and braindead.

It was almost 10 when we finished the filing. So then I didn’t have the energy to trace stuff, which is unfortunate, because although I did a bunch Sunday, I probably need to do that EVERY night to keep up. I did not grade though. But I did work on lessons. Because I needed to. Still need to.

I did start ironing and dehairing quilts though. Now I have three piles going…this is the pile that is ironed and clean and has a dowel or a slat…

DSCN2944 small

It’s not a very big pile. I just started. Don’t judge.

The pile on the couch is stuff that has dowels but is not ironed. Eventually the ironed pile will go there, because it’s better supported and it’s easier to keep the cats off of it. But I need to shift some of it into the ironed pile first.

DSCN2945 small

This is the scariest pile…those that are not ironed or dehaired and don’t have hardware yet. Or only have half their hardware. So that’s an issue.

DSCN2946 small

Again, if I do about 5 or 6 a night, I think I’m OK. I will probably need to go back to Home Depot for more wood though. I forgot a couple. Oh well.

But really, if I want to get this new quilt done in time for its deadline, I’m going to need to finish tracing Wonder Under this week and start cutting it out on the weekend. I was up early today to see the girlchild off to college, so I’m ahead timewise by about 20 minutes. I’m just going to go work on it now. I could go to school early and grade stuff. But yeah. No.

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