Hermit Quilting Mode

I quilted a lot yesterday…not as much as I could have, because I graded papers and stuff, but mostly I sat down and I quilted…

DSCN2808 small

I did all the outlining yesterday. I finished off the partial spool of thread and started the full one. Hard to say at the moment if I will need another one. I haven’t made it to JoAnns yet. I went into hermit mode. I do that a lot when I’m quilting. I refuse to leave the house.

That said, what I really need, if I’m going to stay on schedule, is to finish all the quilting in the background as soon as possible, so I can figure out if (1) I’m going to run out of thread and need to buy more and (2) I can buy the binding and get it on before tomorrow’s thing where I will have plenty of time to hand stitch the binding, unlike Monday, where I have to go to work and pretend to be a teacher. Well. It’s professional development, so I have to pretend to be professionally developed.

DSCN2809 small

The thread hasn’t been breaking, which is nice. I put a new needle in and that seemed to solve the early problems I was having. So yeah. Change your needles. Yes, that means you have to buy more. I should look at my stash and see how I’m doing with that. Note to self.

DSCN2810 small

At one point, I sewed the edge of the backing into the quilt, but it was easy to release. No biggie. Pay better attention now so you don’t do it again. The background quilting is really just all the stuff at the edges, around the bathtub, so it shouldn’t take long. Put music on and start! Except I’m hungry. The boychild made some heavenly smelling breakfast. Something about cumin and paprika. And salsa. He’s 20 today. Yikes! I have a 20-year-old now. And he cooks with spices! Bonus.

So I guess I need to cook some food now to appease the stomach. And then quilt. And then buy binding and maybe thread. And sew some more. And maybe grade some more. I did some yesterday and it didn’t totally kill me. Mostly. I didn’t copy the drawing because the copy place was closed. So I guess that’s on my list too. As well as make something for tomorrow’s thing. Food. Yeah.

Here’s my view at the moment. A winter pool with lots of trees and blue sky (hard to see that in very bright picture)…

DSCN2806 small

Trees on all sides (need to clean those windows). I love trees. Surrounded by them. Yes, they can fall down and they drop leaves (I don’t really care about that like some people do)…

DSCN2807 small

But I’d rather look at trees than houses. I’m expecting a new neighbor up there any week now. It’s been almost a month since it sold. I hope they’re not annoying. Then again, perhaps I am annoying…sewing in the middle of the night with music blasting. It’s probably not too bad now, because it’s cold and the windows are closed…but I do this in summer too.

Food. Then quilting. Worry about other shit later.

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