Don’t Bug Me…

Well. Yeah. Goals are nice. And they’re nice even when you blow them. So I barely ironed Saturday and I didn’t even START ironing last night until after 11 PM. Life got in the way. Shopping for food and cleaning stuff up and finishing some writing that needed to be finished and trying to grade things and getting all the holiday cards ready to mail…all those things conspired against me. Much like this morning, when I tried to enter an art show, which should have been an incredibly easy thing to do, but ended up with three browsers not working and emails to the woman in charge, who was very helpful, but unable to diagnose the issue. Whatever. It’s done. She let me enter via email. Hopefully it worked. You know…email. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sigh.

So a frustrating morning soon to turn into a productive afternoon, if I have any say over it.

Rug one ironed together…

DSCN2777 small

Owl ironed in the deep dark hours of the morning (really, I just told myself to not look at the clock…it’s not like I’m sleeping well anyway at the moment).

DSCN2778 small

This is the same owl I did as a one-off (which is still available)…but in different colors. I like this color version of it.

So I’m into the 300s now…going down the other side with a tree that has a million pieces and then another rug (or the same rug?) on the other side of the bathtub. I said I’d be done ironing today. I lied. I know I’m at a soccer game in the rain tonight, plus I think I have to make a casserole this afternoon for dinner, so the boychild can just insert at the appropriate time. Obviously haven’t done that yet. Still debating the gym. Ugh. So tired. So stressed about work and quilts and money. Exercise would help with that. Remember that.

I was down in the garage yesterday and found a replacement entryway rug for this one…

DSCN2776 small

Which my mom made for me a million years ago, when she still was a weaver…it’s falling apart. Too many washings and the warp is unraveling. Poor thing. Anyway. Trying to clean stuff out still. Will never be done with that apparently.

OK. Art entry done, blog done, breakfast? That would be smart. And then the gym and making a casserole and ironing fabric. Lots of that today. Seriously. No other side gigs today. Ignore the kid who emailed about her grade yesterday. Phone just rang. Quick tech support for parental units. I’m done. Not answering the phone or the door. Don’t bug me.


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