Hiking for the Holidays…

Officially Christmas Eve here. Still got lots to do, although got through a bunch of cookie making yesterday. Just a little bit left for today, plus a breakfast casserole, but after two grocery stores last night, we’re still short a couple of ingredients. I’ll be leaving here in a bit on a search for those. We also did a 6-mile hike yesterday…with a late start, so a late finish…but Iron Mountain was conquered. I haven’t been hiking much…haven’t been able to find the time and energy, so it was not an easy hike for me, but I did it. Slowly. My fastest time up the mountain was 50 minutes, and it took 70 yesterday, but I did it…with the kids. Boychild out in front, long legs and all.

DSCN2744 small

It was a bit chilly, although I did wear shorts (it’s San Diego in December after all) and stayed warm enough. It had rained the whole day before, so there was mud and water…even streams, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen on this hike.

Girlchild claimed this as her favorite pile of rocks…

DSCN2745 small

The rocks and mud change colors as you move around the mountain. Plenty of puddles to miss…

DSCN2746 small

Lots of long-range views, even with the clouds…this is to the east.

DSCN2750 small

With the west looking much more ominous.

DSCN2751 small

No more rain for a while though, apparently.

No pictures of artmaking. Maybe tomorrow. I have stuff I’m working on…it’s just not in pictures yet. Have to deal with all the family and holiday stuff first. I was actually worried yesterday that this was somehow a strange year, not getting anything done, but then I looked back at previous years (I do this a lot…my blog actually helps me remember that it’s ALWAYS like this) and realized the days between the end of school and Christmas Eve are notoriously bad for artmaking or anything but chaos, so I should stop beating myself up about it. I do often get a lot done on Christmas Eve and Day, though, once everything else is out of the way.

I really just want some quiet time, I think. Ironic since that’s what I hate most of the rest of the year! Ah well. Live and learn. Gonna get my act together and try to survive today. Best wishes to all of you doing the same.

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