Two Headless Mermaids

It’s so weird to have a day off in the middle of the week. My brain is still trying to process another Monday this week, except it’s not Monday; it’s Thursday. Ugh. I’m not sure random holidays are helpful. I did get a few things done around here, mostly moving stuff and cleaning and tossing a lot of paper that just accumulates when I don’t know what to do with it. The fact is that if you wait long enough, that paper will be useless and you can easily recycle it. That’s my theory anyway.

I did put the last binding on…

Nov 12 15 001 small

So now all I have to do is hand sew six of them. My finger is still sore from Tuesday though, so I didn’t do any sewing last night. I also had book club and came back really tired, so mostly I ironed stuff and thought about doing other stuff but then blew it off. Fasting in the morning really threw me off, plus I took the dog for a 3-mile walk, so I was pretty tired.

I found some more stuff in the piles though. This was back when I was entering crazy quilt competitions. They would sell you a package of fabric and then you would make something out of it and enter their contest. I got some awards, but this is one I never finished. The package had a lot of white fabrics in it and I dyed most of them, adding some of my own. You had to use stamps as well, so there are a couple of those.

Nov 12 15 002 small

So yes, two headless mermaids. Because that seems like an appropriate subject for a crazy quilt…

The heads are my grandma’s cousins, Jeannie and Bernice, who used to take us to the beach and ride the waves with us. They were ancient even then (OK, maybe in their 60s) and they would grease themselves up and put on wetsuits and ride the waves with us on these inflatable rafts for just hours. We’d come back with sand in every orifice and rub rash on our bellies from the raft and the salt water, but it was usually an awesome vacation.

Nov 12 15 003 small

They died quite a few years back. I have a bunch of their photos on my computer, so I was going to use these heads on the mermaids…and for once, there was a date on the drawing I did for the applique…

Nov 12 15 004 small

Holy crap. I should finish more stuff. This is for those that despair when they see me finish a lot of stuff. I don’t finish everything.

This one has no date, but is probably a few years later than that. He was cut freehand from fabric that had Wonder Under on it, a la Laura Wasilowski, so after I took a class from her. I think I was still married then, because I didn’t have money for classes after that. This piece though? No date. And it’s not done…

Nov 12 15 005 small

It’s not even all stitched down, and I’d have to wash it because it’s dirty…which could be interesting with the two hand-dyes in there. It’s worth a finish though, I think. Might be fun to embroider all over those lungs.

I mentioned ironing. I have (had) two full laundry baskets of more fabric from Sandi that they found in a closet somewhere. I washed a lot of it, the bigger pieces, and then they sat in those baskets in the hallway, because honestly, they were too wrinkled to just fold up. I was going to need to iron them, and that’s not my favorite thing to do. So I put something good on the computer to watch (I’m watching Extant at the moment, plus The 100), and ironed for an hour or so. Making piles by colors. I’m not even done with the first basket…

Nov 12 15 006 small

There were two old pillowcases, so I cut them up. They can be a backing. There were some beautiful hand dyes in there too, although I think they were in my pile somewhere.

So it was a productive day, even though I did no schoolwork. I refused. Enough of that goes on all the other days. Anyway, I’m hoping I’m awake enough and my finger is healed enough to sew more bindings tonight. Maybe I will take them with me to gaming on Friday…that would be amusing. They’ll get done…somehow. Because I really need to get started on the next big one too. Not enough hours in the day…even when I get a free one.

2 Responses to Two Headless Mermaids

  1. That cat is definitely my favourite!


  2. Linda Moran says:

    Is that marbled fabric for the stomach?? I love examining your quilts to see where you use the stuff!


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