Could Be Something Else…

I love that WordPress is still trying to persuade me to use their improved posting experience and I just ignore it. I tried it once but couldn’t find everything easily. I realize at some point, they’ll just get rid of my lame posting experience here, and I’ll have to experience improved on a daily basis…kind of how life works, right? You have choices until you don’t, until someone decides that you don’t know how good it’ll be until they force it on you. Wait. That’s not a good thing. Anyway, I’ve been using this particular interface or some very similar version for so many years that this is easiest right now. I guess I’m old. Except if I can find an easier way, then I appreciate that. I appreciate the positive changes Google Classroom has made for teachers to use their system. Now I need the Google Docs/Drive people to come along for the ride. It must be hard to go to a party and admit you work for Google. I’d corner them and make my demands. No food or drink until you give me a way to delete footers from a doc!

It’s OK. I’m not invited to parties anyway. And that might be why! Actually I went to one and met someone who was a teacher and now worked for WordPress. We had a long conversation, but he was the instigator…called me an early adopter (been blogging since 2004…can you believe it?). Holy crap. Eleven years. I must have had a lot to say.

I’m feeling ever greater relief about this project…I got it trimmed last night…

Sep 23 15 001 small

which was a bit stressful, because there is a size limit and I pushed it. But it worked out. I really need to clean out the entryway so I have room to trim the giant-ass quilts. It’s actually just short of 60″ square…so not huge but not small. I tried not to spend time quilting parts that would be cut off, so I actually ended up having to do a little bit of quilting on one side and corner after trimming it…which is still quicker than quilting a shitload of stuff that then got the axe.

It was late by then, but putting binding on is pretty mindless…so I just did it.

Sep 23 15 002 small

I actually had a hard time finding a gray that worked with the grays already in the quilt. They were too blue or too brown or too light. That’s when the clerk told me they had more grays than they’d ever had. I didn’t believe her. I have a ton of grays in my stash that would have worked, but I needed at least 3/4 of a yard, and I don’t usually buy anything but 1/2 yards for my stash. So I had to buy something. I think it works. I’ll know for sure when I get it all stitched down…

Sep 23 15 003 small

Starting tonight. I sew pretty fast. But I still have lots of grading to do too. Everything’s a balance. Always. And my brain really wants to consider options for the next big quilt instead of thinking about all the other things I need to do…like clean the house. I don’t blame it. Cleaning house isn’t fun. Making art is. I’m still going to do art every day, although next week might be a bit iffy. I’ll just keep it light. Finish the boob! It has top priority. I might even do that tonight, while the machine’s set up for quilting anyway.

I’ve only made three big art quilts this year…this will be the fourth. I’m not counting the 17-foot woman because I don’t know what other show she’ll ever be in. I have three small art quilts, but they all have nudity in them, so the shows where I could put small work wouldn’t take them. I like to finish six biggish quilts a year. Don’t think that’s happening this year. I guess I’m aiming for five. I just have to decide what number 5 is…could be another bathtub…could be something else.

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