Attaching Things Twice

Those in Southern California know the heat wave continued yesterday. Even with cloud cover for most of the day, it was stifling, sweat dripping from every pore, nasty-ass hot. Now the humidity is up as well, which makes it even more cloying. But it is better…like 3 degrees cooler. Seriously, I can feel that. I guess the real key is that I actually slept last night, although a motion-sensor light in my yard was on and only big things make it go on. Like people-sized big things. Maybe dog-sized. Possibly raccoon-sized. But I had Calli last night and she barks her head off if she doesn’t recognize a sound (reasons to have a dog rather than an alarm system…they know the difference between danger and a possum…although some will bark their heads off at those too).

But the heat and the 2-hour-long union meeting sucked all the energies out of me and I sat reading stuff on the web for a good long time before I stirred. And I did deal with some paperwork/email stuff too. Because I can do that sitting in a chair, staring at a computer, which is all I was good for. I didn’t start sewing until after 10 PM. Kinda crazy, yes. What can I say?

I’m still stitching stuff down. I didn’t finish the other body, but moved over to the kneeling one.

Sep 10 15 001 small

She has all the electrical towers and lines, which were incredibly fussy of course.

Sep 10 15 002 small

I have to stitch it all down because the Wonder Under won’t hold it permanently without some help. Attaching things twice. But it doesn’t take too long. I think I’m 3 1/2 hours in. I don’t know how much longer it will take, but I feel like it will be less than 10 hours easily. Here’s where a bunch of people email me their favorite fusible technique. Except this one really is the easiest. For what I do.

I had Calli and the Kitten in there with me (there’s a fan on)…

Sep 10 15 003 small

And I stitched for two hours before realizing I should attempt sleep because I do have to work during the day.

Sep 10 15 005 small

And I don’t have some cushy desk job. I have to manage 12-year-olds…their bodies and their minds. I have to make them work. It’s going to be a challenge today I think because we have the stupid Williams Act people coming to confirm for the 8th-plus year in a row that we have a book for every subject and every child (passing previous years apparently does not exempt us EVER) and yesterday the school website wasn’t working, and that’s where the online textbook is, so I might be kinda screwed…because kids won’t be able to get the info they need. Which sucks bigtime. OR I can have every kid walk over to the counter and pick up the book that is assigned to them only…pain in the butt. Things that don’t happen normally. Some school practices just drive me nuts…even when I know why they were instituted.

Anyway, I’ll be home late again tonight, but hopefully it will be cooler so I can stand sewing earlier. I want to get this sandwiched on Sunday, if not Saturday. I don’t have much time left to quilt and bind it. If I look at the calendar and the decreasing number of possible work days, that motivates me in a very stressful kind of way.

I did talk to the girlchild last night. She’s being amazingly brave and awesome and I’m glad. Although the mom voice popped out when she described splitting her lip on some guy’s pecs during a soccer game. You know, like it does.

One thought on “Attaching Things Twice

  1. Good morning Kathy!
    What stitch do you use when “stitching down” your pieces?
    Hopefully our So. Cal. weather will break sometime soon…I’m in North OC, and it’s already 84 degrees. Ugh!
    Have a good one!


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