Hiking Crestridge

In keeping with my attempts to hike once a week with the kids, we picked a last-minute evening hike on Monday night at the Crestridge Ecological Reserve, out here in East County. Both kids claim to have been in the main area of the reserve in elementary school, but they didn’t remember much…

Jul 21 15 035 small

And we were fully prepared to identify any badger that presented itself…

Jul 21 15 036 small

There was a little bit of rainfall that hadn’t been checked since our weekend storm…

Jul 21 15 037 small

And the visitor center was open…

Jul 21 15 038 small

Complete with mosaic lizard? Alligator? Lizard is native. Gator is not.

Jul 21 15 040 small

We had a crude map and a warning that the trail was not well marked.

Jul 21 15 043 small

The beginning of the hike is in a beautiful old oak grove…

Jul 21 15 044 small

The fire missed this part…

Jul 21 15 045 small

Girlchild is Queen of the Mountain (of rocks)…

Jul 21 15 046 small

The fire road was easy to follow, but we missed most of the trails shooting off of it.

Jul 21 15 047 small

The surrounding mountains were beautiful as always. It hasn’t been too hot yet this summer, but we’ve had a few storms and all the nasty humidity we Southern Californians can’t stand.

Jul 21 15 048 small

To the right was all private property, mostly avocados…

Jul 21 15 049 small

We left a bit late, so we didn’t have more than two hours.

Jul 21 15 050 small

The walk wasn’t particularly difficult.

Jul 21 15 052 small

And I set my app to keep track of mileage for once.

Jul 21 15 053 small


Jul 21 15 054 small

The kids walk faster than I do usually.

Jul 21 15 055 small

The trail dips down into trees every once in a while and then runs up along a ridge. The crows (ravens?) were stalking us…

Jul 21 15 056 small

Hanging out in murders or alone…

Jul 21 15 058 small

The skies got cloudier and darker…

Jul 21 15 060 small

The kids got further apart…

Jul 21 15 061 small

Here’s Julie’s plant of the week to identify…this is the same one I saw near the water in Hollenbeck Canyon.

Jul 21 15 063 small

More crows…

Jul 21 15 065 small

And poison oak, easy to see when it’s this color…

Jul 21 15 066 small

Girlchild asks why I take so many pictures and I try to explain that I like to document where I’ve been and what I’ve seen…

Jul 21 15 068 small

She has a million posed pictures of her friends and I have trees…and this bird. Either a juvenile hawk or one of the other raptors…

Jul 21 15 074 small

Smaller than the crows though. At some point, the girlchild tried to keep up with the boys’ stride…not really fair since he’s significantly taller.

Jul 21 15 075 small

We kept wondering when it would turn back east…the trail, that is…

Jul 21 15 076 small

There were some rock piles here…

Jul 21 15 078 small

Somewhat obsessively…

Jul 21 15 079 small

A quartz collective…

Jul 21 15 080 small

A sign to nowhere (this is the section that had been through one of the last two fires…

Jul 21 15 081 small

This is about where we decided we might not make it back if we kept going…

Jul 21 15 082 small

So we didn’t do the trail properly…means we’ll have to go back a little earlier in the day…

Jul 21 15 083 small

We went back much quicker…and actually saw other humans on the trail…

Jul 21 15 091 small

And the sun started to go down…

Jul 21 15 092 small

A crow feather issue (could be a raven)…

Jul 21 15 093 small

And the sun went down.

Jul 21 15 094 small

Almost 5 miles in about 2 hr and 45 min. I had all these photos uploaded early Thursday morning, in case I felt well enough yesterday to post from the hospital. But I didn’t. I’m home today and doing OK, despite an allergic reaction to one of the meds. It just adds Benadryl to the spacy mix. I’m not getting much done today except sitting around, half-napping, and doing a tiny bit of sewing wool bits together. Lots of TV. I’m hoping after a day or two of this, standing for some period of time beyond the 4-5 minutes I can handle now will be possible. We’ll see. I don’t know if I’ll be hiking next week though…maybe just in my head.

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