Babygirl and a Bathtub

Yesterday was Babygirl’s last…I’d like to say she just fell asleep and went off into kitty heaven, but we had to assist her in that. Both kids came to the vet for the first time ever (girlchild came for Ivy) and petted her and made sure she was purring at the end. We guess she was closer to 16 than 12, unlike my great aunt’s records on the cat.

Mar 24 15 010 small

(I watch Star Trek with my cats…yes)

Babygirl came to us 2 1/2 years ago when my great aunt died. She came with an attitude, being a bit of a kitty terrorist, sure she was Queen here, disrupting all three existing cats. As things worked out, there was an uneasy truce here between the three remaining cats (one died of kidney failure soon after her arrival). She had been spoiled rotten by my aunt, didn’t like other animals except humans, and for a while, we even tried to find her another home, one where she could be Queen, the only cat, because we thought everyone would be happier that way.

Mar 9 13 002 small

It didn’t work, so we kept her…and everyone adjusted. She adopted the boychild as her special caregiver, and he was happy to have her. Kitten learned to run fast or have an escort to the litter tray and food (I carried her down the hallway every morning and every afternoon), and I learned to close my bedroom door at night, so I wouldn’t have cat fights in there at 2 AM.

Dec 28 14 001 small

That said, she did love us and we loved her cranky psychotic self…so it was hard to do, to let her go, but it was time. I hate that. You know it’s the right thing, but it still feels like shit. Babygirl is the only cat of mine that has had a quilt named after her…

Nida006 copy small

A quilt that won a prize as well. She’s also the only animal of ours who has a tag on this blog, because she caused so many issues in the beginning, so I wrote about her a lot.

It was a rough time at the vet.

And then I came home and did the dishes and cooked dinner and tried to distract myself for a while…and then that stopped and I cried again. It is what it is. I am down to only two cats for the first time in about 19 years. And Kitten, who has been hiding in my room for all that time…she’s coming out. She’s in my office right now, sniffing all the things she’s been missing. She was out on the couch yesterday. I slept with my door open.

So at some point, I thought I might finish ironing last night, despite all that…

June 3 15 001 small

Although I was tired and felt depleted and probably should have just gone to bed, based on how I feel this morning.

As you know, I rarely listen to that part of my brain though. I ironed some knees and an arm…

June 3 15 002 small

And then I took a break, because it was late enough that I could have gone to sleep and I wasn’t sure I wanted to finish last night, because I knew it would be late, and I was tired. I am emotional and I have to deal with some major shit in class this week, plus all the other stuff, and I didn’t know exactly how long it would take to do all those fussy hair bits and another human body.

Then, in true Kathy fashion, I said Fuck It. And ironed.

June 3 15 003 small

I knew if I put it off until tonight that I would just do this little bit tonight and not get it ironed onto fabric, and I want to speed this up a bit, so I did it, and yeah, it was after midnight when I went to bed, but it’s often after midnight and that explains why I look so tired when you see me.

June 3 15 004 small

It’s hard to see, I know. It will be better when it’s on the background and I can hang it up. I have 8 hours into the ironing and still there’s another hour or so to get it down on the background. It is all in one piece, though, which is nice. Much less fussy than some quilts I’ve had to iron down. The gingko tree will be the worst part of it; getting all those branches and leaves laid out right will be a pain in the ass, honestly.

So the first bathtub quilt is that much closer to done. And I have sent yet another kitty into that giant meadow in the sky where they chase bugs and lie in the sun and eat endless tuna from human plates. Or in the case of Babygirl, drink my cold tea from the teacup. Where there was people food, there was her little face, meowing incessantly at you. (Thanks, Aunt Betty, for teaching her that.) Sweet crazy animal…

Feb 3 13 010 small

It’s a heavy morning…we miss you Babygirl.

2 Responses to Babygirl and a Bathtub

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m sorry you had to usher her out. We won’t get a replacement cat because my husband “can’t kill another.”

    Well I have been following you for about 2 1/2 years. I don’t remember Babygirl coming to you, but do remember you speculating on the best home for her.


  2. Maddie says:

    My sympathies. It’s always a terrible decision to have to make. Babygirl had all her people around her at the end. You can’t ask for more than that


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