Time Out

School’s been kicking my ass lately, and I’ve just been barely holding my brain together with duct tape and safety pins. I’ve been making art every night and trying to read and exercise and keep sane, but with a three-day weekend after a week of internet disasters, state math testing, microscopes, and crazy political crap at school, I was done. Very done. Over done. So I had made a plan to give myself a time out, get the hell out of Dodge, take my brain out and give it some rest and relaxation…unfortunately, to get there, I had to drive quite a long way, with the last hour in horrendous fog and mist on a winding mountain road, but I’m here now, ensconced in the parental cabin, having gone on a walk, gotten my boat license (it’s way too freakin’ cold to go out on the lake right now), finished my book, and now considering dinner, a movie, and some stitching or cutting of tiny fabric pieces. The weather is conducive to staying inside and not doing much but reading and drinking tea and talking and listening to music. And we petted a dog. Dogs are good.  I have a few pictures on my phone that I can stick in this post too, although I used my camera for most of what I’ve taken today…I could hook that up to this computer, but that sounds like too much work, and the point of this weekend is NOT to work. Although I will have to at some point. I brought grading with me and will need to go to school on Monday unfortunately. Teachers always pay the price at some point of taking time off, whether it’s one night of not grading or a whole weekend of not touching the gradebook or lesson plan. 


I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 24 hours seeing the Quilt National artists post pictures of their work and the event, and I’m totally jealous and frustrated with my work, even though I know I’m making some of the best work of my life and that getting in is a chance in a thousand or so. It’s OK. I’m OK with not getting in. I just wish I were there. Although it would have been a lot more stressful this week to get myself to Ohio on top of everything else. So. There it is.


Meanwhile, getting outside and walking around, testing out my foot, which has been mostly pain-free this week…that was high on the list of things to get done. As was finishing the book I’ve been reading for forever now. I’m hoping tomorrow morning to be on the water in a canoe, getting a water’s-eye view of the lakeshore…leaving all the detritus in my head in my wake. Not that a canoe leaves much of a wake at my rowing level. 


Shit, and I want to draw. In fact, I’m not spending much time on this post…gonna do something else and then make some burgers, have some ice cream, maybe a glass of wine. There’s gotta be a place my brain can get to that lets me get through the last four weeks of school. I can’t be on time out for that long. 


There is a lake out there somewhere.

2 Responses to Time Out

  1. salanncrou says:

    With you there and am only part-time atm, frightening how school can fill up our whole head space and leave nothing for us and our creativity. Interesting it is as all consuming there as it is in the UK. Not an easy profession here atm. Have a a good rest and claim back that space for yourself. Thankyou for sharing so honestly.


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