The Two Sides of Kathy

OK. Let’s not joke about this. There aren’t just two sides. I’m a dodecahedron…at least. But titling my post “Kathy: a Dodecahedron” would probably just overemphasize my geekdom. Geekness. Geekosity.


Yesterday I quilted for many hours, then went to the beach and jumped through a bunch of waves at the beach, then showed up at my appointment in a towel and bathing suit (eliciting much amusement to those in the waiting room, and even a bit of applause after I emerged from the bathroom fully dressed), then to dinner at my parents, and then I went back to quilting, this time tiny fussy bits of blue that showed through between elephant legs and bird wings.

In the morning, I had the whole left side of the quilt and a bit of the top to do, so I just sat down and quilted until I wanted to scream and tear my hear out, I was so sick of blue and stippling and did I mention blue?

Apr 10 15 001 small

I kept hoping and praying the phone would ring and I would be able to leave to go to the beach, but they spent more time than they thought they would at the Midway, and it wasn’t until late that I got the call, and by then, I was done with the main part of the background and was in the apple tree branches, still wanted to tear my hair out and scream and rant and rave about stupid crap and filling in fucking tiny spaces and gaargh.

The beach was fun, jumping in the waves and getting salty water in my eyes, just like in high school and college.

After all that and dinner with my Belgian sister and her kids and my parents, I came back, tired, exhausted, up since holy crap in the morning to take the girlchild and her dad to the airport to go visit college, the one where she might actually go, but I wanted to be DONE DONE DONE.

I even did the clouds…

Apr 10 15 002 small

They needed something.

And then, after 19 hours and 34 minutes of quilting this week, starting Sunday, I was done.

Apr 10 15 019 small

Done. It’s done. OK, I still need to trim it and bind it, so another 6 hours or so, because it is a big beast of a quilt…but done. Almost.

OK. I’m still trying to get my head around that. I mean yes, that was my goal over break, and yes, I blew off a ton of other things (grading, cleaning, yardwork) to get it done, but it’s done. A month and a half early. Whoop! I can work on something else. OK, yes I have to finish that other recycled quilt, but it won’t take long. And yes, I have two that I need to do early in summer, or maybe one is later, can’t remember. Time to sit down with the schedule again.

Then this morning, my exchange sister Claire and I went on a hike. Much as we went our separate ways after the year she lived in our house, my senior year of high school, our lives are not that different. She hikes in Europe and I hike here. We both try to figure out how to eat healthily when kids are there and then gone to their dad’s houses. We both try to figure out what happy looks like from here on out. And we both know part of it has to be outside.

We hiked Iron Mountain, which I’ve done before, but never in full daylight…always night hikes. It’s the big mountain in the picture.

Apr 10 15 018 small

It’s a local favorite, but less crowded than Cowles Mountain, because it’s longer.

The weather was nice today… mostly cloudy when we started and not too hot…

Apr 10 15 004 small

The views were a little hazy, but still nice long views to all the compass points…

Apr 10 15 005 small

The yucca have started to bloom…

Apr 10 15 006 small

It’s a dry hike, but there were lots of wildflowers by the side of the path…

Apr 10 15 008 small

And as the sun burned away some of the cloud cover, you could see all the way to the ocean…

Apr 10 15 009 small

And south to the Mexican border…

Apr 10 15 010 small

(Yo Julie…what is it?) Julie says it’s called a Silver Puff…what a dorky name. It’s quite soft…not as spiky as it looks.

Apr 10 15 011 small

A rare sighting, a California horned toad (aka lizard). Sweet little one…

Apr 10 15 013 small

And more beautiful views…

Apr 10 15 015 small

California poppies…

Apr 10 15 017 small

And Claire staring off into the landscape…


And here’s the panorama that shot came from…

IMG_3515 crop small

Beautiful day, great time with a long-time-no-see sister…two sides: quilt on my not-so-fat butt because I get outside and do that hiking thang. They often conflict with each other, as the need to do one fights with the need to do the other, and the need to fit it all into a single day or weekend is some sort of Clash of Kathy Brain. It’s kind of a miracle I get as much done as I do…but it was all good, all worth it. So one of my 12 facets is NOT about housecleaning or yardwork. I’m OK with that. Now I’m going to go read a book (oops, another facet) until they call me with the next event.

3 thoughts on “The Two Sides of Kathy

  1. We are all dodecahedrons. And yeah, I’ve known that word since I was VERY small! My dad showed us how to make them out of paper plates. Great you had so much outdoors time. It’s still been difficult to get out a lot here, stupid weather… Winter wasn’t quite wintry enough (no snow, no snowshoeing) and spring has been windy, grey, and unpleasant.

    I saw a quilt of yours at the Chicago IQF. It was a treat to see in person the work I’ve been watching develop online.


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