She’s in One Piece…

I didn’t get as far yesterday as I wanted to…as usual. My machine is also still in the shop, so that sucks. Hopefully it’ll be done today, because I can’t finish the ironing. I need to see the background together before I can iron the whole thing down.

I started with the hair…

Apr 2 15 001 small

Then got the full face ironed together…this was the water section, so there’s a jellyfish, some regular made-up fish (Kathy-style), and a shell. Oh, and a starfish on her face…

Apr 2 15 002 small

Then I did the sun on top of her head…

Apr 2 15 003 small

I debated ironing the whole thing together now or fitting the pieces together on the background. It is easier to just deal with one piece though, especially if it can be ironed down to the pressing sheet, because then I can stretch pieces to make them fit if needed…which is what this one needed. So here’s the head ironed to central torso…

Apr 2 15 004 small

While I was working on this, a duck love triangle was working itself out in my pool. This is an annual event. The duck couple has been visiting every day, but today an extra male showed up and there was some significant drama for a bit until this point.Apr 2 15 005 small

I kept working. Here is ironing the upper section to the lower torso…

Apr 2 15 006 small

Which also needed some adjustment, but overall, everything fit together fairly well. Here’s the whole thing rolled up…Apr 2 15 007 small

For storage until I can get the background ready to go.

I’m sitting at the vet with the tiny-bladdered cat for her followup. I don’t want to spend an hour here, but it seems that is always the case. I need to go buy batting and hopefully pick up my sewing machine so I can get this thing to the next stage. I might have to do a college-visit trip next week, which is going to seriously mess up my schedule for everything I needed to get done over break (much like last year). Sigh. I don’t know why I make plans…it seems life conspires against me.

Left the cat…she wouldn’t pee and I persuaded the vet to let me leave her there for a few hours. I wanted to be stitching down yesterday! Oh well…let’s see what I can get done today…at least she’s in one piece.

One Response to She’s in One Piece…

  1. Rebecca says:

    “Duck love triangle” ha! Although my husband swears he saw two males gang up on a female once.

    Meanwhile, I have a mockingbird that starts up at 10 pm and goes on ceaselessly for several hours. He’s still singing away now at 3 am. He’s been doing this for a couple weeks now. Either desperate or a serial mate-r? Ah, spring.
    Making good progress there! Ventura really should take it.


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