Taxing My Brain

Where have I been for the last two days? Well, after running an eyeball dissection lab and the next day taking 125 people to the Fleet Science Museum, I then had to do my taxes (didn’t get the W-2 until Friday) and the college profile for financial aid, all in about 36 hours, because one of the 10 colleges she applied to needs it by today. Assholes. It’s OK…it only took 7 hours and the ex had to come over so we could share data at some point, since he’s in charge of the girlchild financially. Sort of. However that works. I don’t know how divorced parents who are fighting all the time do this stuff successfully. The plus is the fact that teachers are paid crappy will help out, because as the financial parent of the boychild, I qualified for some monster tax breaks, thus almost paying for next year’s tuition. Wild that.

So I spent those two days falling into a hole of required financial crapola. But now it’s done! Well, almost. They’ll want a bunch of papers sent in the next two weeks or so, but I can handle that. So I had a tax headache for about 24 hours straight.

What’s nice about today is that I have nothing planned. I had things I wanted to do, but they didn’t work out. I should go to the gym, and maybe I will later. I have a tiny bit of grading to do, mostly because I left everything at school. I have to go grocery shopping, but I can’t until girlchild gets back from her interview and getting her phone fixed.

But I do have art stuff. 1. I have two cancer hands to iron down. It wouldn’t take long. 2. I have two quilts to be made from recyclable fabrics that I will post about later today, because there is progress, but it is slow. They have Wonder Under trimmed and are ready for ironing. 3. I have a drawing that is numbered and ready to be traced. I just need to clear off the light table, which I started doing yesterday, and hope I have enough Wonder Under. If not, I have the technology to remedy that.

All that is exciting. I have a strange week ahead of me. I’ll actually be traveling for part of it, different for me I know, but there were cheap plane tickets a while back and I took advantage of a friend’s invitation to book a trip north…short and sweet.

So this is the house of an art hoarder…I got a new stove, because the other one was killed by the girlchild and turkey drippings…but I can’t seem to get rid of these…

Jan 31 15 005 small

Fellow artists understand. You can print with these suckers. I’m kinda looking forward to maybe Spring Break? Or maybe one of the 3-day weekends that’s coming up? I’ve got some books that have some printing ideas I haven’t tried. I still have the gel plate I got last year that I haven’t tried yet. Looks like fun. I like spirals. So they’ll go on the shelf in the garage for artmaking supplies along with old sprinklers and random bits of metal and every broken dish or mug I’ve ever had. Don’t question it. Just be glad you won’t be in charge of getting rid of all of it when I die.

Katie is here visiting…she’s my parents’ dog…

Jan 31 15 004 small

She’s somewhat needy, following me around like dogs do, rolling around and getting dog hair everywhere (I was spoiled by the last dog, who had really short hair). She gets along OK with Calli…they’re not buddies, but they don’t hate each other. And she goes to bed when she’s told to. That said, she hasn’t eaten anything in 24 hours…I think she’s on a food strike. She wants Calli’s food. Little does she know that it’s essentially the same low-cal stuff (they are both on diets), so I may just trade bowls later today and see what happens. Or she’ll get really hungry and eat.

So get off my butt, eat some breakfast, pick a project, and work on it for a while. It’s a beautiful day and I don’t watch football…so art it is.

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