Hiking the Lagunas in Snow

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I live in Southern California. Hiking in snow is just fucking crazy. So we did it anyway.

Laguna small

Sure, there wasn’t much snow at the beginning, but it was cold…it actually snowed Tuesday/Wednesday, and this was Saturday, so not too bad. No chains needed to drive there even.

Jan 4 15 001 small

It was bloody beautiful though…

Jan 4 15 005 small

Didn’t expect it to be as hard to hike as it was though. We did part of the Sunset and Big Laguna Trails, a big loop around the Laguna lakes and meadows.

Jan 4 15 006 small

Thing is, the easiest bit to hike was on the packed snow, but even that required balance…

Jan 4 15 008 small

And the icy bits were hard to hike, as were the muddy bits, and the icy muddy bits with big pools of water underneath. Yeah those were fun.

Jan 4 15 010 small

So I’m a little sore today…two days later.

Jan 4 15 011 small

Totally worth it though. I’ve done this hike in the fall and it’s gorgeous then too…

Jan 4 15 015 small

Not too much climbing, mostly flat…

Jan 4 15 016 small

But we took 4 hours to do 7.2 miles, so you know it was harder than normal.

Jan 4 15 018 small

I’d do it again though.

Jan 4 15 021 small

One of the lakes, seemingly frozen over. When we came back, a lone duck was sitting in the middle of it, like, where’s my lake?

Jan 4 15 022 small

There were snowmen scattered all over the trail…in fact, I’m not sure how we would have known where the trail was if someone hadn’t come through before us and stomped it all down.

Jan 4 15 025 small

Because a lot of it looked like this…

Jan 4 15 027 small

Yup. Ice.

Jan 4 15 028 small

We came back by this lake later and took the Laguna Meadow trail…

Jan 4 15 029 small

The sun was out and it got up to the high 40s, maybe low 50s at one point.

Jan 4 15 030 small

Definitely shedding layers, fleece off, down to long sleeves and an undershirt…

Jan 4 15 031 small

You can see what the trail looked like there…

Jan 4 15 034 small

Poles would have been smart. I do have them. I just didn’t think I’d need them. You’d think I’d learn. Ha!

Jan 4 15 035 small

Gorgeous day, beautiful trail…

Jan 4 15 037 small

Great views…

Jan 4 15 039 small

Two of ours making snow angels…like you do.

Jan 4 15 042 small

This part of the trail was a little less broken in…

Jan 4 15 043 small

But still doable.

Jan 4 15 045 small

I didn’t get snow in my socks until that part…

Jan 4 15 046 small

You can see the trail here is mud and ice…

Jan 4 15 047 small

And the meadow stretches for miles…

Jan 4 15 048 small

More mud and ice…

Jan 4 15 049 small

We ate lunch with this view…

Jan 4 15 050 small

These guys in the distance…

Jan 4 15 051 small

More beauty.

Jan 4 15 052 small

I guess living in a desert means this never gets old. OK, if I lived in Michigan, this might get old.

Jan 4 15 053 small

But I don’t. I live here, in a drought, in the sun. It’s 80 degrees today…

Jan 4 15 054 small

And this stuff is probably melting like crazy.

Jan 4 15 058 small

Even there, you can see the sun has cleared those pine needles…

Jan 4 15 059 small

It wasn’t an easy hike…I mean, I think it would have been easy without the trail conditions.

Jan 4 15 061 small

More trails and the other lake…

Jan 4 15 062 small

No wildlife, except that duck and some ravens…and all the humans out there…

Jan 4 15 063 small

Definitely a great hike…went for the pretty and that’s what I got…plus a monster workout. This hike is out of Afoot and Afield. You park on Sunrise Highway at the 19-mile marker. There are two porta-potties, but they were full to the rim when we got there. Fun stuff! Plenty of parking, nice trail. I’ll do this again, both in the snow and not.

One Response to Hiking the Lagunas in Snow

  1. Victoria says:

    Beautiful photos.


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