2014 in Quilts

I finished 21 quilts in 2014. Holy crap. There were 6 major quilts and 15 smaller quilts. Twelve of the smaller ones have sold, all birds…



This collage doesn’t show all 21 because there were duplicates…I think there is one more dove, another eyeball bird, another HeyBird…at least. It was a prolific (and somewhat crazy) year. Cats for next year instead of birds? Maybe. Thinking about it. Or maybe I’ll just try to have a life. You never know. Just looking at it is a bit crazy…I made one major quilt every two months. That is nuts. Even the major quilts are an achievement…two of them were slightly simpler, but two of them were just plain old crazy complicated. Yup. It’s official. I am nuts.

Anyway. I do feel good about what I did, despite the insanity. Moving on to 2015. I’m out of the hole now…let’s see what happens with the art.

One Response to 2014 in Quilts

  1. jessiemartinovic says:

    you and your work are phenomenal


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