Meditation Required

I like to plan my time out. You may have noticed that. I do it all the time. I think each day about what I will get done before school, what I can get done during my prep (I like to be efficient with that time…unfortunately, I often fail at efficiency). I think about if there’s anything I can get done during class and what I will do on the way home, running errands while I’m already out and about. I plan out the evening and night, telling myself I will get an hour of grading in here so I can do art there.

I do this every day. And almost every day, something comes along and blasts my plan all to hell. You’d think I would give up on the plan, but I do know that having the plan keeps me on task with projects like this, keeps me from flailing completely at school, keeps my to-do list from taking over the world (although it often feels like it already has). Time ticks and I’m holding on to the hand as it rolls around.

So yesterday was book club, and I didn’t go. I made that decision about 2 hours after girlchild woke me up for the first time, way too early, because I had stayed up to finish ironing the night before. I had too much to do. And then I offered to help the girlchild…

Sept 29 14 001 small
who had to paint her parking space at school, a senior high-school tradition…

Sept 29 14 003 small
That she was convinced wouldn’t take very long, but she’d been at it for like 5 hours by the time I showed up (mostly spent at Home Depot buying paint, apparently). When I showed up, she had penciled in all the letters, so I started painting.

Sept 29 14 004 small
At some point, I sent her home for better brushes. I did all the words; she did the footprints.

Sept 29 14 005 small
Two hours later, we were done. Was that in my plan? Fuck no.

It is what it is. Hey, so these are the leftover pieces of separated Wonder Under that I never matched up to anything. I find that somewhat disconcerting.

Sept 29 14 006 small
But do I really care? Heck no. Move on.

I spent a lot of time grading papers yesterday too…and then I started cutting stuff out…

Sept 29 14 007 small
It’s not going to be done by tomorrow.

Today is turning into a giant clusterfuck, with a possible stolen car and other crap to worry about. I’m currently sitting in a college presentation, giving me one more thing I have to persuade myself not to worry about.

Meditation tonight is required. Not optional. Cutting stuff out too.

Here’s a Burning Man Timelapse video…because someday I will go there. Seriously.


2 Responses to Meditation Required

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    Stolen. Car?!

    You’ve just demonstrated that blogs can have cliffhangers. Worriedly awaiting the next episode … er, entry.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Okay, read next entry, so know car was found and can comment on Burning Man:

    Great video. It looks like light is a big part of the art (may be videographers bias).

    I think I saw that it has gotten so big that it actually sells out! and you need reservations. At least you have practice with minimal sleep (wouldn’t want to miss things).


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