Last Sunday Before…

Sunday morning. Last Sunday before school starts again. Newest teacher mag says that to make this year the best, I should already be dreaming of summer vacation. Next year’s summer vacation. That’s just thoroughly fucked up. I don’t think that’s healthy at all. I mean, there are quite a few vacations BEFORE that. Although, I guess my looking at artists’ residencies is a form of dreaming about next summer.

So there’s no traffic driving up to the OC, which is kinda miraculous. We get here after quite a bit of sniping on both sides (my patience is seriously stretched at the moment), and realized I forgot my damn chair. Yesterday the second backpack strap broke, which makes it a pain to carry. I was going to fix it (again) last night, but forgot until about ten minutes before we were supposed to leave this morning. But I remembered! Sewed both of them up, but shattered a needle doing it. Good thing I wear glasses, because the pieces flew everywhere.

I even moved the chair out into the entryway so I wouldn’t forget it. Yup. Forgot it. At least I have my chair for bleachers…better than nothing. And there was toilet paper in the Portapotties. This is also a miracle. Will they never cease?

Deep breaths. I’m pretty sure we only have one game today, so I won’t have to be here all day like yesterday. I’m banishing all the bad thoughts. Really. Over there. Sit down and shut the fuck up.

This really is the blog of a depressed single mom artist who is trying to figure out how to NOT be the first one and be MORE of the last one and I don’t get to do anything about the middle one. Because they’re almost raised at this point and although their dad was here and paid mostly when he was supposed to, parenting has been a singularly lonely and unsupported thing. I mean yes, people drive the kids places and drop them off here or there, but the real crap, the down and dirty of it…it’s all been on my shoulders and I’m tired. I really am.

I guess that’s how we know it’s time to send them to college. Too bad the girlchild has to finish high school first. Not really. I need her still. Probably will need her even when it’s time for her to leave.

This license plate seen on the way to the soccer tournament yesterday. I NEED THIS. Because it’s true.

Aug 18 14 001 small

Arty soccer photo. It was better but then one of her teammates ran in front of her. I still kinda like it though.

Aug 18 14 023 small

Yes, more soccer. Only one game yesterday, but we were gone for 5 hours. Better than the day before, when we were gone for 11 hours. They lost all 3 games. There are some issues, not the least of which is injuries.

Aug 18 14 043 small

I cut out the other two birds last night…this one was fairly similar to the original…

Aug 18 14 050 small

Calli was underfoot the entire time. I had to go out into the living room to persuade her to follow me out of the room so I could come back in and move the ironing board. Twice.

Aug 18 14 051 small

The second version of the owl is different, though…purples.

Aug 18 14 052 small

And then I sat, late into the night, and cut out all the pieces.

Aug 18 14 053 small

It didn’t really take that long. Although it was after midnight and now it’s morning and I have to leave for school in 14 9 minutes. Tonight I’m hoping to iron them together, but the girlchild is having her wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon, and as a single parent, I know better than to assume everything will go to plan. OK, I guess ALL parents know that (at least the smart ones do). Plan, but realize your plans will be fucked. Because that is the way it is.

I should take a picture of the floating house too…because it’s turned into a giant cat toy. Or not. I don’t know what to think about it. Girlchild was disturbed about my hanging worry dolls off of it.

Tired. Not ready. Never am. Why change? Accept.

One Response to Last Sunday Before…

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    Apropos of nothing, sometimes I like to look at your fabric closeups and say “Yep … I have some of that … don’t have that other, though.”


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