Stupid fucking blood sugar can’t behave again. Can’t figure out what the deal is…I ate healthy, then was exercising and it crashed so fast. I got the tester and lowered myself to the floor, told the girlchild to call 911 if I passed out (way to freak out your kid, eh?). BAD. Makes no sense timing-wise. I drank my milk, tested again. Better, but then started down again. Dammit. I ate a real snack and it leveled out, but now I am exhausted by the body’s machinations.

Didn’t finish exercising, didn’t meditate, certainly didn’t grade papers or make art. Can’t even think straight to write a whole post…have all the photos done from last week’s hike, but then this stupidity. Stupid body. Knock it off…it’s annoying and terrifying and I need it to stop.

Don’t worry…doc is aware and my blood tests are next week, appointment to follow. But now? Now is for sleep. I will try to have a normal life again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Glad you are going to the Dr. Definitely not normal. I read all your posts and believe you will make it out of the moras that is your current situation.


  2. Strange huh, I had a couple of unexplaineble hypo’s last week too!
    And I am in the Netherlands!!
    One of those was in class with 22 pupils , not pretty!
    I think exhaustion has a lot to do with it.
    Hope you will feel better soon.


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