I’ll Let You Know When It’s the New Year…

So this is the magical change over to the New Year, when everything is fresh and you have a new slate and the whole year can be different than last year. Yeah. I bet you know what I think about that. It’s just a day, a night, an hour. I watched some of it earlier, not by choice. I reveled briefly (not really). I ventured out briefly. Then ironing fabric called me back. I spent too much of today asleep (girlchild’s bus was really late…she stumbled in around 4 AM and I didn’t really sleep until she was home), at the gym, or reading. Or just plain procrastinating, trying to give my brain some space to exist with itself.

So I did start ironing eventually, but my kamikaze plan to be done tonight is not happening. Not shocking really. I make plans so I can break them and make new plans, right? I’m not as motivated to finish as I should be. Part of my brain is squawking about deadlines and the to-do list, and the other part is trying to relax and be on vacation. They’re a bit at odds.

So I ironed the mother’s head…

Dec 31 13 001 small

I’m rethinking my background fabric. I think it will be too dark. I also think I need to do some serious threadwork or something…two of my fabrics are too close together. Or something. It may be that when everything is all together that it will make me happier. Until then, I’m stressed about it.

I was less stressed when I came back from trying to be sociable (it’s OK…I failed…) and started working on the bird…

Dec 31 13 009 small

Is it a hawk? It’s something not-raven for once…

Dec 31 13 010 small

And it has over 100 pieces in it, and it’s now done. I’m at about 550 pieces ironed and 5 1/2 hours in. Sigh. Less than halfway done…and the next three days are busy. But I think if I focus better (fuck, what’s the probability of that happening?), I will get done.

I made some more geocaching thingies today, but screwed two of them up by not remembering the instructions…

Dec 31 13 002 small

Anyway, if I have time tomorrow, I’ll do a couple more…

Dec 31 13 003 small

I don’t think it really matters how many I have…

Dec 31 13 005 small

I forgot to take an after picture, but I put two of them in upside down by accident…

Dec 31 13 007 small

So they didn’t flatten properly. Shrinky Dink science is very particular, and I am too much of a space cadet to follow instructions. So I made cookies instead. Actually, I didn’t do too well with those either, but they’re good to eat at least. Do I need cookies? Fuck no, I don’t, but I made the mistake of going to the grocery store after the gym and before eating anything, because I needed to buy supplies for the boychild’s birthday cake, and we’re all just damn lucky I didn’t buy a lot more food. Do NOT go to the store when you’re hungry and depressed…it is just a fucking bad idea.

Anyway…the mood is still rancid, so I’m dragging my ass outside on a hike tomorrow with people who don’t know me (really, that’s better for everyone involved…I can handle my kids or strangers…nothing in between), hopefully to beat my brain into some semblance of peace and calm in honor of the New Year, which again, is just the next day on a standardized calendar that doesn’t really make any sense. I’ll let you know when I think it really IS the new year. We can celebrate then. Apparently there are quail hunters on the loose where we will be hiking (I did not know this was legal, and I’ve never seen quail out here…I think…so I’d like to see one, preferably not shot, and I’d like to NOT see hunters). And then hopefully I will come back and iron the maiden (Iron Maiden, huh uhuh uhuh…) and then move on to the next thing on this beast. If I need a new background, I can decide that once it’s all ironed together.

Anyway, another loser New Year’s Eve for me…wish I could have spent it differently, but such is my life at the moment. At least fabric was involved…that’s always the best way to start a new year. Which reminds me, here’s the quilt roundup from 2013…


Not a bad year for quiltmaking, which was the good news…one is only a detail, since I’m not allowed to show the full quilt until May 2014…but 8 quilts finished (with one about to be finished this week and another within two week’s time, just like last year)…albeit, three were relatively small, but two of them were quite huge. So…achievement…in the face of nasty ass depression. At least I can still do that.

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