SAQA Auction: Susan Lenz

The last 5 years, I’ve made an effort to buy one piece from the SAQA Auction in September. They’re all about 12″ square, so they’re easy to hang around the house, and they’re affordable if you’re willing to wait (and possibly lose the piece because you waited too long for the auction to come down in price). This year, there were (as always) a couple of pieces that caught my interest…I ended up buying Susan Lenz’s grave rubbing…

Death of Desire. It’s a grave rubbing on silk, which is even nicer in person than it is in the photos. It’s been quilted and hand-stitched around the edges. The girlchild expressed interest (uh oh). The back is also interesting…

with the information about whose grave it was from, and the addition of doily tatting in a 9-patch pattern.

Now I just have to hang it…before the girlchild wanders off with it.

I’ve been reading Susan’s blog for a long time, and have always been interested in her use of antique fabrics and graves, as well as her work in the Decision Portraits, so I’m pleased to own a piece of hers. She has a piece in my curated exhibit I’m Not Crazy and is a Quilt National 2013 exhibitor, so if all goes well, I should meet her in May.


2 Responses to SAQA Auction: Susan Lenz

  1. Linda Moran says:

    I sold my SAQA piece, and I was thrilled – was so afraid no one would buy it!


  2. Susan Lenz says:

    Thanks so much for this lovely post. It is truly my honor to have work in your collection. By the way, my preliminarily accepted piece in Quilt National is called “Circular Churchyard”. Mrs. Desire Peronneau’s entire tombstone is featured front and center! I adore this final resting place and especially this one tombstone. I’m glad that both you and your daughter like it!


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