Hellooo Quilt National!

Well, finally. I have gotten into Quilt National 2013, and I’m in Quilt Visions 2012. Now I can stop making art. I have accomplished my two goals and there is nothing left to do. It was nice knowing y’all…I’m going to move on to something else.

Yeah. Right. Because I don’t have 1700 quilts still clamoring around my head to be made. Because I haven’t been an artist since the day I was conceived (sorry mom, dad…I know it wasn’t necessarily something you planned.). Because it’s not in my blood, my heart, my brain, my…well…probably uterus. Home of all creation, right? Well, this is the creation I’ve been working on since very early on, and I’m unlikely to stop now.

Do I have permission to buy more fabric?

It is a strange feeling, though. I had convinced myself again that all the acceptances had gone out yesterday, per the calendar, and that I was just waiting on rejections. I got the email about 20 minutes before school started. I called the boyfriend, who wasn’t even awake. I called my mom during my prep, and she’s already calendared the opening. I emailed the ex to save the weekend now, before he plans another trip to Vegas. I danced around the house for my kids, who are of course supremely annoyed by me and confused by my art, all at the same time.

Here are all the accepted artists, an interesting list to say the least. I’m looking forward to seeing quite a few of them in Athens. Woo hoo!

5 Responses to Hellooo Quilt National!

  1. quilterin101 says:



  2. Kathleen Bricker says:

    I’ll be making the trip down to see it! And I’ll add the book to the one you sent me. Congratulations. It is well deserved.


  3. Linda Moran says:



  4. Maddie says:

    A big congratulations from me too. Someday I hope to (1) be accepted and (2) actually get to go! LOL


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