Last year, I was looking for other groups where maybe my quilts wouldn’t cause people to call Fox News and report my work as disturbing the peace. I found a group called FIG, the Feminist Image Group, formed in 2009. FIG is a coalition of visual artists who meet to discuss art, see exhibitions, and support one another in their careers. They work across many media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital media and performance (I’m going to need to encourage them to add fiber/textiles to the description).

As artists, they are concerned with how women continue to be portrayed in the art world. As teachers and feminists, they encourage their students and colleagues to be alert to sexism in its many forms. As friends, they aid each other in their creative and curatorial endeavors. FIG promotes an inclusive worldview that allows all voices.

I contacted the leader of the group last year and she invited me to join, but I couldn’t make a meeting until a few weeks ago (and I had to scramble to do that, since the girlchild had soccer and I had to make dinner and get it into the oven before I left, and then the girlchild called because her dad hadn’t picked her up, blah blah blah).

One of the reasons I joined was to find more art-related venues and exhibits in town, rather than just art QUILT-related shows, and that is working because I have one I’m working on for early June (which I panicked about last night and finally started drawing) and one next weekend. Next weekend is more of a performance piece, which I did do in college, so it’s not a new experience, but the girlchild has expressed interest in being involved, so that IS new. The performance and installation are called Feeder

You should bring an empty stomach and an open mind. The opening reception is next Saturday, April 14, from 6-8 PM at Garage 4141, 4141 Alabama St., North Park, San Diego. Yes, this is some guy’s garage. In fact, it’s Larry’s garage. You can read about Larry Caveney and his art garage here.

The premise behind the garage event is that women are care-givers. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives–we do the bulk of caring for others. We often look after the young, the sick, the elderly and the helpless. This performance celebrates nurturers, and explores notions of dependence, intimacy, sensuality and privacy in the act of nurturing. It recalls being fed as children, and uncomfortably harkens to a future when we may be spoon-fed as elders.

Feeder is a Relational Aesthetics performance work and installation in which FIG members serve food to guests and each other at the opening event. The performance develops out of the relationship between people in the intimate act of serving and eating. Wall pieces will also explore the idea of nurturing through food. It is free and open to the public.

The Art Produce Gallery will also be running a related exhibit that opens that weekend, eat here now, with a reception from 6-9, located at 3139 University Avenue (just down the road from Ray Street, which will be running Ray at Night that weekend as well). So you can come to all these things and feel artful for a night (which is sometimes difficult in San Diego). Plus you will get fed. There will be photos, paintings, and one of my textile pieces. And I still need an apron. I can’t believe with all the women I know that none of them have a nice vintage apron. So I’m thriftshopping it later today. First I have to get the girlchild up and to the gym. That is a feat unto itself.

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