Who Am I?

I signed up for this blog-for-31-days-of-December thing because why I must be crazy. I used to blog 3 days a week, then 6 days a week, now I’m back to 4. The plus is that it comes with a list of topics for each day, because talking about what’s in my head really isn’t the place I wanna be right now. So here you are:

Write an Introduction, they say, like who are you and what do you do? Hmmm. I learned how to sew when I was 8, making my first top out of curtain fabric and some lace. I think it was four rectangles. It was also yellow, which is a color I have never worn since. Ever. I sewed my own clothes through high school and a little in college, until I figured out I’d rather sew other things. I learned how to make quilts at the age of 23, starting with (and quickly rejecting) piecing, then moving on to hand applique, which I enjoyed, but takes way too long. I took a bunch of classes from art quilters, since I thought that was where I belonged…wanting to make pictures in fabric. Joan Colvin and Laura Wasilowski pointed me in the direction I eventually wandered off toward…using fusible web and cutting out the actual shapes I wanted, then attaching them to a background.

(My most recent quilt, COVID Daughters)

From there, I developed my own crazy-ass way of making art quilts…I start with a pen-and-ink drawing, turn that into a pattern, number all the pieces, trace them onto Wonder Under, cut them out, iron them to fabric, cut those out, then iron the whole mess back together using the pattern I drew. Then stitch it down, quilt it, and bind it, like it’s a regular quilt. I’ve been making quilts for 30 years now (holy moly)…and I haven’t run out of ideas yet. I guess that’s a good thing.

Stay tuned for more info about the weird way to art quilt…some of the topics are a stretch for me, because I don’t do it that way. But I figure it’s good for you to see that too.

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