I Can’t Sleep ‘Cause My Bed’s on Fire*

It’s cold and wet again today, like most of your winters…last year, at this time, we were looking at 3+ inches of rain coming in just one storm…so this little piddly pissing of water is nothing really. We need more. We’re just over 4″ for the year (July to July), so although that’s more than some years, it’s still drought level. So although it’s gloomy and cold here, I’m trying to consider the benefit to my landscaping and my water bill. Plus it helps me appreciate the warm days.

Until then, it’s a sweatshirt and flannel and even the damn socks aren’t keeping my feet warm. And now my knees are wet, because I finally went out and unclogged all the pool equipment…3000 leaves and pine needles. I think the pool guy is on vacation this week.

So I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to deal with college financial aid…it’s earlier this year, but the plus is it uses the previous year’s tax info, so I didn’t have to do all that first. This year, I can relax a bit (well not really, because that’s how I pay for the next batch of college payments…with the tax refund). And I did run a few errands…but then ironed a bit here and a bit there, getting another 3 hours done. It didn’t feel like much, though, because I’m still in the 300s (although some of the 400s and 500s are already done). I did pick out the flesh fabric run, though…7 different fabrics? Maybe 8. Can’t remember. I used them for two smaller hands, but I haven’t gotten to the full body yet…that’s later today.

It’s funny though when I realize I bought the same fabric twice…I liked it that much…


I always have my eye on fleshy fabrics.

Kitten was happy to curl up and sleep…for hours…


This is the start of something…maybe. I’m debating it. Will let you know if it sticks.


That’s the thing with New-Year stuff…lots of it doesn’t stick. I have two things I’d like to implement, but mostly it’s not new stuff…just being better about the old stuff.

The bin is filling up with pieces…


And the colors are starting to show up…


That pile is not very organized. Much like my brain.

See, it was a sleepy day…


OK, well, I think the wet knees on my pajamas are going to force me to clean up, and my belly talking to me is going to force me to eat up. And then I can iron. For hours. Until tonight…much as I’d love to sit curled up on the couch in front of the fire and watch a movie or something, that’s not how my world works. But that’s hours away.

Hope your New Year’s Eve is exactly what you want it to be…

*Talking Heads, Psycho Killer

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