Blue, the Color of Our Planet*

My brain wakes up at 6, panicking because I forgot to set the alarm for school. Then it slowly realizes, as the cat mews at me, that it’s not a school day. Relax. Go back to sleep. It’s amazing how fast that happened. The re-sleep part. Really I need some major sleep catchup this week. My brain is tired.

I’m perturbed by the crap in North Dakota. In fact, any time some white person complains about immigration or immigrants or refuges, I wanna slap them across the face and explain how we weren’t here first, you dumbass. Peaceful protest…pouring water over them in freezing temperatures. That’s torture. Nobody in the US should be doing that. This is their sacred land. More importantly, the pipeline will inevitably damage their water supply. But hey! The Texas company will get their oil. Screw the damn environment, right? Sigh. Frustrating to watch and know how little I can do. I think that’s the biggest problem right now…feeling like you can’t do anything that will cause major change.

This quilt…Earth Day…I drew it years ago. Something about Earth Day and how we do it one day a year, celebrate the planet, while we spend the rest of the time trying to destroy it. And Earth Mother is yelling, Knock It Off…like that’s going to stop in the next four years. I think this was just after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami…there were two of them (quilts, not earthquakes).


So we art on. We post shit. We send postcards. We march. We sign up. We fill out polls. We talk. We argue. We art on.

I did about 3 hours again yesterday, I think…no, closer to 4…I’m about 10 hours in on the ironing. It’s taking longer than I expected…or planned for. Oh well. It takes what it takes. My time management app is no longer being updated, so it sucks phone battery like crazy. I’m still looking for a replacement, one that doesn’t charge me monthly…because I’m not a business. I did pay a fee for this one, but just once. I guess once businesses got in on the time tracking idea as an app, the market rose to the occasion. So I’m still looking for one that will do what I want and not cost me a lot.

Here’s what ironing a heart looks like…one of two in the whole piece.


There were a lot more of those inner body pieces than I thought. I ironed a heart, lungs, arteries, a mammogram, a metal arm, a watch, her hair (there was a lot of that), the sun, a cloud, some rain, a uterus (like you do)…but I still wasn’t done.

Here’s the pile of stuff ready to be cut out.


I still have a giant tattoo of a cell, some tools, a teacup, an eyeball…well, more than one eyeball…and the bird up in the sky. And a cat. It’s at least another 3 hours, I think.

Here’s the pile of stuff I used before I cleaned it up. Added some more reds and purples and oranges and greens and grays. Lots of gray in this.


Then I cleaned up, so I could see them clearly today. I added some yellows too. Forgot them.


So I’m still working on it. It’s raining here today. I was hoping for some nice pretty, semi-warm days of sitting on the deck and drawing…it seems I might get that later this week, but not today. Today is a hunker-down in the studio day. We need the rain. It’s good.

Simba did not appreciate having the plumbago removed from his tail last night. Grandma is very patient with him…


I’m actually spending most of my morning managing animals today. Gonna change that.

*Regina Spektor, Blue Lips

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