And Breathe…Just Breathe*

Late start again. All outta whack in terms of schedule. Whatever. I had to dehair three quilts this morning to get them to the photographer, so that took precedence over writing here. And then 700 errands. But whatever. I hate driving around in circles and that’s what I had to do. Too many things to keep track of…things to do, to finish, to write, to print. School is such a load of stuff. And this year more so, because all of it is a Never Done It Before. It’ll be OK. It will.

So yesterday was the girlchild’s birthday, so most of the day was under her control, which is legit. I wish MY birthdays were under my control, but until I tell myself it’s OK to take the day off (but then what would I DO? Go out and do stuff with my friends who work? Hang out with my kids who are at college? So yeah), that’s the way it goes. I like my birthday on weekends. Teacher problems, eh?

She wanted to ride bikes around Coronado, so we headed down there and rented some bikes. There’s a dedicated bike path in the area, so we rode a good portion of it, including under the Coronado Bridge…

IMG_7999 small

Honestly, I hadn’t been on a bike in a million years, like I don’t even remember when. So I was a bit wobbly in the beginning. And whenever we slowed down.

IMG_8001 small

Helmets so we don’t die. Yeah. Some people think it’s weird that we still do stuff as a family, even though we’re divorced, but it was important to me anyway that the kids had a relatively normal family life, despite the divorce. So birthdays are like that. And other things we do…like an annual trip to see Shakespeare. I see too many divorces where the kids feel like they can only be with one parent at a time, and I know that sucks. I’m not gonna say it’s always been easy, but it’s fine now.

We went past the Hotel Del Coronado…too many people in this section…

IMG_8006 small

And had to figure out how to get back at one point…

IMG_8007 small

It was a gorgeous day and a cool experience.

IMG_8008 small

Although I sunburned in weird places (I did use sunscreen).

Meanwhile, back in the art world, we have a Nightstand show coming up with my women’s art group, and I just got permission to do a bed. So I’d asked my dad to bring down a cot from the cabin in the mountains, and I needed to measure it…

IMG_7985 small

And test it out…because I’m also taking it camping in October. It was surprisingly comfortable.

IMG_7991 small

Puppy was a bit unsure of its existence. I am still doing a nightstand…it will just probably not have fabric. Should be interesting. And overwhelming when I think about time…

So after dinner out and presents and cake, the kids went to their dad’s house, and I sat there. I could plan for school? Nah. Ugh. I could cut fabrics for the owl commission. Not tonight…the office is still a mess. I need a brain for that. I don’t have a brain right now. I could start the next quilt. I need to do that. The deadline on that one is Right There. I might not even make it. And it doesn’t take any brain power to trace Wonder Under. So I started tracing…

IMG_8010 small

It seems a bit crazy to literally finish one and start the next one on the same day, but remember I already did all the drawing and numbering back in July when the sewing machine died. So this made sense.

IMG_8011 small

And I have so many deadlines at the moment that I’m a little worried. I’ll figure it out. And certainly, once the kids leave, I don’t have much of a life (sad but true)…I spend lots of nights making art because it makes me happy and content and peaceful, and that makes up for the crazy that is my job. I couldn’t imagine just coming home from work and watching TV and going to bed without making something every day. I guess I could clean more and do more yardwork or whatever, but this really is what makes me…ME.

Thought maybe I’d give you video for some of the songs I’ve been using for my titles…this one is pretty relevant at the moment.

*Anna Nalick, Breathe

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